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2024 NFL Draft prospect rankings: Top 100 led by Caleb Williams Who are the best prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft? We rank the top 100 in a group that's loaded at QB, WR and OT —and explain what sets them... 17 HOURS AGO NFL mock draft: Nick Wright has Bears pair Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr. With the 2024 NFL Draft just a week away, Nick Wright shares his latest mock draft, presenting a potential trade for the ages in the top fiv... 19 HOURS AGO 2024 NFL free agency tracker: Signings, updates, best players available Here's a look at the notable free agent signings around the NFL, along with the top players still available. 3 DAYS AGO 2024 NFL Draft CB rankings: 5 first-round grades among top 10 prospects The 2024 NFL Draft cornerback class is deep and talented, with five first-round grades and quite a few future starters. We rank and analyze... 4 DAYS AGO NFL QB Tiers: Caleb Williams, Anthony Richardson and Jordan Love are 'potential stars' Which quarterbacks will have the biggest impact on their teams next NFL season? Nick Wright reveals his tiers and predictions for the 2024-2... 5 DAYS AGO 2024 NFL Draft: Four QBs taken at the top in Nick Wright's second mock draft In his second mock draft of draft season, Nick Wright has four quarterbacks being selected in the top five while a veteran wideout is on the... APRIL 8 Five teams to watch in 2024 NFL Draft: Will Vikings find their franchise QB? After assessing each of the teams in the first round of the NFL Draft, Bucky Brooks names five squads that can make their mark on the draft. APRIL 4 2024 NFL Draft LB rankings: Analyzing an unpredictable top 10 Who are the best off-ball linebackers available in the 2024 NFL Draft? It's complicated. We rank and evaluate the top 10. APRIL 4 2025 Super Bowl LIX odds: Stefon Diggs trade boosts Texans' odds DeMeco Ryans and C.J. Stroud have a new superstar weapon on the outside. Is Houston now a real SB LIX contender? See what the odds say. APRIL 3 Vikings, Raiders trade up for QBs in Nick Wright's 2024 NFL mock draft Nick Wright has six quarterbacks being selected in the first round of his mock draft, with the Raiders and Patriots making jumps to select t... APRIL 2 NFL arbitrator orders Cardinals to pay former executive Terry McDonough nearly $3 million in damages An NFL arbitrator ordered the Arizona Cardinals to pay nearly $3 million to former team executive Terry McDonough for making “false and defamatory” statements about him to the medi... APRIL 2 • ASSOCIATED PRESS Jimmy Garoppolo, other former starters look to reinvent themselves in NFC West Among the 21 QBs who’ve changed teams this offseason, four ex-starters are looking to reset their careers as NFC West backups. Will it work? APRIL 1 2024 NFL mock draft: Surprising rise for 4th QB taken The NFL Draft is less than a month away. Caleb Williams seems like a lock to be the first pick, but where will the other QBs go? We guess wi... APRIL 1 2024 MLB odds: Craig Counsell, AJ Hinch favored to win Managers of the Year Can two managers whose franchises are in the middle of a playoff drought win Manager of the Year? Check out what the odds say. MARCH 29 2024 NFL mock draft: Don't buy the hype on Jayden Daniels over Drake Maye Jayden Daniels has been receiving a lot of buzz as a potential No. 2 overall pick. Jason McIntyre doesn't buy it —as he lays out in his lat... MARCH 29 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Five QBs selected in Colin Cowherd's 12-pick mock FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd has five quarterbacks picked in the top 12 of his 2024 NFL Mock Draft, along with a trade he says is "what Jim Har... MARCH 28
Colin's NFL mock draft: J.J. McCarthy to Vikings, Seahawks-Michael Penix, Caleb Williams | The Herd


2024 NFL Draft DT rankings: Jer'Zhan Newton headlines top-10 prospect list The 2024 NFL Draft class of defensive tackles hasn't received much hype, but quite a few could make an NFL impact. We evaluate and rank the... MARCH 28 Cardinals’ draft dilemma: Take Marvin Harrison Jr. or trade down for more picks With the No. 4 overall pick, Arizona could move down and fill holes, but that could mean missing out on a potentially generational player. MARCH 28 2024 NFL Draft: Cardinals 'open' to trading No. 4 pick 'if it makes sense' Arizona GM Monti Ossenfort says the team is open for business and willing to trade the No. 4 overall pick in the right deal. MARCH 21 2024 NFL Draft edge rusher rankings: 4 potential stars lead our top 10 The 2024 NFL Draft features four edge rushers who could become stars. We rank and analyze the 10 best players at the position. MARCH 21 Former Cardinals executive Terry McDonough has been accused of choking his neighbor Former Arizona Cardinals front-office executive Terry McDonough has been accused of choking a neighbor in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has an April 11 court date to answer simple... MARCH 20 • ASSOCIATED PRESS Arizona Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort says team will listen to all offers for No. 4 overall pick Arizona Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort said he’s starting to field calls from other teams regarding the team’s No. 4 overall pick in next month’s NFL draft MARCH 20 • ASSOCIATED PRESS 2024 NFL free-agency grades: Evaluating every major signing so far As NFL free agency gets going, the FOX Sports writing staff evaluates and grades the most impactful signings of the 2024 offseason. MARCH 19
Arizona Cardinals News - NFL (2024)
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