Starting on a Desolate Island [Doomsday] Chapter 38 – Shanghai Fantasy (2024)

Zhang Jincheng suddenly recalled, “Right, do any of you remember the name of the person we partnered with to make the oil paper umbrellas?”

“It’s been a while, I don’t remember,” Ge Hui said.

“Useless trash. How could you forget something like that?” Zhang Jincheng remarked.

“Waistcoat, I got it! His name is Chu Zijia,” Wang Jinbao chimed in.

“Correct! That’s him. When he came to us with the oil paper umbrellas, Nie Yangguang’s store had just opened. Furthermore, he told us he didn’t buy the umbrellas from Nie Yangguang.”

“Maybe the person who made the oil paper umbrellas also made the stove. If we find that person, we’ll know who made the stoves!” Ge Hui suggested.

“Then let’s hurry and find him!” Zhang Jincheng said.

Yun Mianmian wasn’t surprised to receive a message from Zhang Jincheng.

Zhang Jincheng had always sent her private messages, saying things like he wanted to get to know her or work together to achieve greatness, but Yun Mianmian had always ignored him, treating his messages as nothing more than hot air. Later, she’d simply learned to ignore any message from him without even opening them.

The reason she’d clicked on his message today was because he was quite the clickbait. The message read: “I know what you and Nie Yangguang are up to!”

Yun Mianmian was curious as to what exactly Zhang Jincheng thought she and Nie Yangguang were up to, seeing as she herself was unaware of any such thing. However, upon opening the message, she found nothing more than that one line.

What is this person doing?But then she wondered,How does he know I’m acquainted with Nie Yangguang?

Yun Mianmian and Nie Yangguang never chatted in public channels, so it wasn’t as if they made their interactions obvious.

Yun Mianmian racked her brains and finally remembered the player who had purchased an umbrella from her. However, she had been anonymous at the time, so she assumed Zhang Jincheng had discovered something else about her and Nie Yangguang’s relationship.

Yun Mianmian didn’t respond, knowing she wasn’t in a rush, and that someone else would be far more anxious than her.

Zhang Jincheng wanted to tease her into responding, and while she did feel curious, she refused to take the bait.

I’m curious, but I’m not going to engage with you.

Yun Mianmian closed the screen, returning to her own business.

She had just picked some napa cabbage; tonight, she planned on making fish hot pot, and Yun Mianmian was preparing some side dishes.

Napa cabbage, potato slices, handmade shrimp and cuttlefish balls—using the head and bones of the true croaker for the soup broth, the fish meat would be sliced into pieces, stewed for an hour to develop flavor, and then simmered with chili sauce and seasoning.

Once the pot began to boil, Yun Mianmian could begin dipping the vegetables and other foods.

The aromatic steam rose before Yun Mianmian’s eyes, enveloping her in a warm mist. It was raining outside, and the chilly evening made for perfect hot pot weather.

Yun Mianmian sat down to enjoy her meal before opening a screen to check for any interesting news or events while she ate.

Zhang Jincheng had indeed sent several more messages.

“Don’t think I didn’t know you were the maker of the oil paper umbrellas and heaters!”

“So what if you were anonymous? You still got caught.”

“What does NIE Yangguang have to offer you? If you work with me, I can give you more.”

“Do you really think ignoring me will solve your problem?”

Yun Mianmian couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Why did this man think NIE Yangguang offered her incentives to work with him? Why couldn’t she have been working forhim?

Yun Mianmian ignored him, thinking he had more to say, only to find that this was all he had.

Still, Yun Mianmian took a screenshot of Zhang Jincheng’s message and sent it to the WeChat group for Hu Yuan and Nie Yangguang.

“Holy sh*t, is this guy an idiot?” Hu Yuan remarked.

“What’s going on? How did he find out?” Nie Yangguang asked.

“I don’t know, but that’s not important. I’m just worried he’ll make up rumors, so I wanted to give you both a heads-up,” Yun Mianmian responded.

“He’s probably trying to get you on his side. If he can’t persuade you, he might resort to more underhanded methods,” Hu Yuan warned.

“There’s no need to be afraid. We haven’t done anything shady, after all,” Nie Yangguang said.

“It’s not that I’mafraid, but we’re like a tree that attracts the wind. I’m just worried someone has their eyes on us,” Yun Mianmian explained.

“Mi’an, you’ve been selling maps of Spider Island like hotcakes lately, and your name has already caught quite a few eyes on the leaderboards. If people also find out you’re the maker of the oil-paper umbrellas and the stove, you’ll become even more of a target,” Hu Yuan said.

“Even so, there’s nothing they can do to you. We can’t physically meet other players, so we can simply add him to our blacklist,” Nie Yangguang suggested.

“But playerscanmeet each other, as long as they have the right tools… Besides, we don’t know what kind of changes the game developers will make in the future, so we can’t lower our guard now. Look, since Zhang Jincheng already knows and will likely spread the news eventually, why don’t we…”

Yun Mianmian devised a plan, discussed it with Hu Yuan and Nie Yangguang, and planned to put it into action the next day.

Zhang Jincheng didn’t receive a response from Yun Mianmian, so he devised a plan to ruin Yun Mianmian and Nie Yangguang’s business.

Having learned their lesson, they refrained from causing a scene in the chat by directly confronting Yun Mianmian, lest they alert the enemy.

Zhang Jincheng had it all planned out. Once Yun Mianmian and Nie Yangguang’s business collapsed, he would establish his own maritime trade network. For now, the duo was the biggest hindrance to his own profit.

Zhang Jincheng recruited a player with good writing skills from his guild. This player, who had been a journalist before entering the game, specialized in writing gossip articles and was skilled at setting the tone with words. In the real world, he often wrote smear campaigns against celebrities.

The journalist wrote an expose according to Zhang Jincheng’s specifications.

The article exposed Yun Mianmian’s collusion with Nie Yangguang, revealing how they sold oil umbrellas and furnaces at high prices to exchange for players’ rare materials, thus enabling them to climb the leaderboards.

Despite having her own workbench, Yun Mianmian remained behind the scenes, not because she lacked resources but because she purposely sold her goods at high prices to acquire other wealthy players’ goods, all with the intent of becoming District 3’s number one player.

Moreover, she manipulated the market, preventing other players from conducting business.

“Later, she used her rank and reputation to monopolize all business deals on Spider Island.”

In short, the post accused Yun Mianmian of everything, true or not, adding fuel to the fire when there was a kernel of truth, and fabricating stories when there was none. The post was written in an indignant tone, denouncing Yun Mianmian as the cancer of District 3.

Nie Yangguang, on the other hand, was described as a shady character, an unscrupulous man who preyed on the innocent.

The author appealed to all players to not purchase anything from these two and to instead choose honest sellers.

To avoid detection, Zhang Jincheng did not include any advertisem*nts for himself in the post. His sole purpose was to ruin Yun Mianmian and Nie Yangguang’s reputations. He was extremely satisfied with the article, reading it over twice and clicking his tongue in admiration. Now that Yun Mianmian and Nie Yangguang had fallen into his hands, he could finally repay all the humiliation they had inflicted upon him.

His mind wandered, and he paid no attention to his private messages, thereby missing the alerts his guildmates sent him.

At this moment, posting the thread was the most important task at hand.

Once Zhang Jincheng finally posted it, he checked his messages and realized something terrible had happened. A thread had been posted ten minutes before his own, and the author was none other than Yun Mianmian herself!

Dear fellow players,

I am Yun Mianmian, and I am planning to open a store on the trading platform, specializing in selling food and daily necessities.

Any player in possession of a workbench is welcome to collaborate with me. If you are interested, please contact NIE Yangguang for further details.

Yun Mianmian

With this post, Yun Mianmian had directly admitted she was collaborating with NIE Yangguang.

Yun Mianmian would provide the players with blueprints, and they would split the profits from the sales of the finished products. However, the quality of the goods had to meet her standards. Additionally, Yun Mianmian would help these collaborative partners gather raw materials as needed.

This way, District 3 players with workbenches could produce and sell daily necessities, while ordinary players could exchange their goods at lower prices.

The post immediately garnered the attention of many players.

For District 3, this was undoubtedly a good thing.

Although Yun Mianmian would also earn more money, these players with workbenches were essentially working for her.

Yet who wouldn’t be willing to provide blueprints and help collect raw materials to make a profit without much effort?

Wasn’t this the very reason why Hu Yuan and NIE Yangguang initially collaborated with Yun Mianmian?

As veteran partners, Hu Yuan and Nie Yangguang became shareholders as well.

Yun Mianmian had come up with the idea, and while she could have done it herself, she lacked the manpower to handle everything, requiring the help of Hu Yuan and Nie Yangguang.

The situation had taken a complete turn from Zhang Jincheng’s initial expectations.

Yun Mianmian had already made her post, seizing the initiative. Now, no matter what Zhang Jincheng wrote to smear her, it would be futile.

Furthermore, Yun Mianmian stood to earn a hefty profit, not only in materials but also in reputation.

Zhang Jincheng’s post was filled with comments calling the OP a “lunatic” and that they should at least look into the situation before making baseless accusations.

For example, Yun Mianmian had just offered an open-source contribution, providing all kinds of basic schematics and workbench upgrade experience, and she was working with Nie Yangguang to benefit District 3 as a whole.

Then Zhang Jincheng came along with his accusations.

In her post, Yun Mianmian even acknowledged her previous sale of logs, which had helped many players upgrade their workbenches. She attached screenshots of her transaction records for proof.

Zhang Jincheng had thought Yun Mianmian would receive a torrent of abuse, but… the one being roasted was him.

He frantically called for his post to be deleted.

However, many players were already complaining to the system, requesting to identify the rumormonger.

Even if it was just a game, malicious rumors were not acceptable. The omnipotent System could definitely track down the anonymous player.

Zhang Jincheng panicked.

The post’s contents were written by someone else, but he had been the one to post it.

Great, he’d brought a rock and crushed his own foot.

Yun Mianmian had instructed anyone interested in cooperating with her to contact Nie Yangguang privately, so the latter was extremely busy, chatting nonstop with players without even taking a break to drink water.

Hu Yuan also had his own tasks. After chatting with Nie Yangguang and confirming they could cooperate, any interested parties had to go to Hu Yuan to sign a contract with the System to formalize the partnership.

Yun Mianmian had quite a few low-level blueprints, all acquired by selling items these past few days. She had accumulated a large number of various blueprints, many of which she had no use for, such as chair blueprints, dining table blueprints, tea kettle blueprints, sport shoe blueprints…

She had obtained these through the crates, but she could make better items, especially since the high-level workbenches could create so many wonderful things. There was no need to waste time on these small items.

Better to let others produce them.

In exchange for the finished goods, she could receive a share of the resources.

It was practically a risk-free investment.

She had thought about this idea previously but hadn’t put it into action, so when Zhang Jincheng came running over to stir up trouble, she seized the opportunity to discuss the matter with Nie Yangguang and Hu Yuan.

Of course, they were more than happy to oblige—Yun Mianmian would give them a share of the profits, and they could also make a considerable profit themselves.

This was a good deal for District 3 as well, and after the settlement period, their names would once again appear on the merit ranking.

“No wonder Yun Mianmian is the number one merit point earner—she’s done so much for District 3!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announce that my idol has changed from Gu Fang to Yun Mianmian.”

“Mianmian, I love you! I’m willing to be your henchman. Kick Nie Yangguang out and let me serve you instead!”

“I want to work with Yun Mianmian too, but I don’t have a workbench. Which big shot is willing to trade blueprints with me?!”

“Stop dreaming—the price of workbench blueprints is through the roof now. Anyone who has a workbench can make a fortune selling goods; who wouldn’t want one?”

“What about a sewing machine? Can I use that?”

Nie Yangguang suddenly popped up to reply, “Yes, you can collaborate with me if you have a sewing machine or a medicine concocting platform. Or, if you’ve learned any exercise skills, that works too.”

Thus, another wave of people joined in.

Nie Yangguang: “PM me if you’re interested in collaborating.”

Two days later, Yun Mianmian’s exchange center had already listed over twenty products for sale. In addition to the evergreen classics like oil-paper umbrellas and furnaces, several new categories had been added.

Affordable general goods: cups, chairs, tables, stools

Essential items: torches, brooms, water buckets, fishing nets, ship sails

Daily clothing: socks, men’s underwear, women’s underwear, scarves, hats, raincoats

Medicines: antibiotics, painkillers, ointment for frostbite

High-quality goods: seawater filters, pine pitch lamps, trap cages

The dizzying array of goods was priced affordably, making them within reach for most.

Everyone rejoiced.

“District 3 is honored to have an elite player like Yun Mianmian.”

“With Yun Mianmian here, it’s not impossible for District 3 to become the top district in the game.”

“Maybe next time, District 3 will have the highest survival rate.”

“I bought a pine pitch lamp; it’s amazing. I can work at night now.”

“Nice! With my fishing net, I can catch fish.”

“I’m going to be a die-hard Yun Mianmian fan from now on.”

“It looks like Yun Mianmian will be the top player again in the next update.”

“What can I say? Gu Fang’s creations just can’t compare to Yun Mianmian’s.”

Gu Fang had just returned to his ship from Spider Island and opened the chat channel to see everyone cheering for Yun Mianmian.

He’d only gone two days without checking the chat—what happened?

Starting on a Desolate Island [Doomsday] Chapter 38 – Shanghai Fantasy (2024)
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