Roasted Chicken Thighs With Tangy Apricots and Carrots Recipe (2024)



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I'm guessing the primary function here is to add some umami, so you could use soy sauce/tamari, coconut aminos, or worchestershire sause (which is itself a fish sauce). If you use soy sauce you may find you want a little acid to brighten things up, so adding a little lime juice or rice vinegar might not be a bad idea. Regarding fish sauce, there is a huge variation in taste/quality. A lot of the standard grocery store stuff is kinda nasty. If you are open to it, I'd consider trying Red Boat.


What is “chili powder/ spice mix used for chili” as opposed to chili powder made of ground Chile peppers?


Added sliced red onions, fingerling and small potatoes to the mix as suggested - a few purple ones a purple carrot gave the dish an appealing red tint - increased the amounts a touch for leftovers. Sweet and a bit savory, definitely benefits from fish sauce or similar plus more acid to finish. Nice one pan meal with minimal prep. Marinated for 45 minutes and made sure not to overcook the boneless skinless thighs - done at 25 mins - a keeper.


Made tonight — no notes from fellow cooks to help! I had only breasts so used 2 lbs of that (I have a water polo player) and 2x the other ingredients incl chili powder. It came out of the oven and husband said immediately he didn’t like it. He doesn’t like cumin and he smelled that. I got angry, of course, because he hadn’t even tasted it yet. My water polo player said it smelled delicious and gave consolation hug. Served with cilantro. Guess what? Husband HAD SECONDS. This recipe is delicious.


@Annie, yes. It’s sold as “chili powder.” It can be a somewhat blah spice but Penzeys has some great chili powders with varying degrees of heat.

John Conley

Chili powder is a blend of ground chili (usually paprika or ancho), cumin, onion powder, garlic powder and oregano.

Kevin Osinski

Tasty! I didn't have apricot preserves so I used honey and upped the dried apricots a tad. I also don't like sweet/savory dishes, so I only used 1 tbsp of honey. With the carrots and dried fruit it was as sweet as I would have liked. Nice combination of flavors.

Darragh Brady

I subbed yogurt for the mayo and cauliflower rice for the white rice as i am working on losing ally the pandemic pounds i gained. But otherwise made it just as the recipe said and it was very good.


Quick, easy-prep weeknight meal. 1 pound of chicken for 4 adults is a bit meager, so doubled everything except the carrots, and omitted the fish sauce, which I do not care for. Marinade looked very rich and gloppy, but once on the large sheet pan, at least half of the liquid evaporated while roasting, leaving a nice quantity for spooning over the chicken and rice. With the extra quantity, 30 minutes was perfect. Very tasty-sweet and savory, but not overwhelming. Adding to the rotation.


Deliciously easy! Quick prep with a bag of baby carrots, a bag of small potatoes, and all other ingredients already in the frig or pantry. Subbed Worcestershire for fish sauce. Raves from the family.

Ripon Cook

Didn't have apricot preserves or lemon, so I subbed in orange marmalade and orange juice. Skipped the fish sauce. Lovely weeknight dinner with basmati rice and a salad. Parchment paper is genius for this.


Turn it around so that what was facing the oven door is now facing the back


My compliments to the food stylist. I followed the instructions exactly and it looked dreadful and released a lot of liquid. However the chicken (top quality free range) tasted great. My advice, use the marinade and jazz up the carrot, apricot thing


Made twice the mayo/jam/lemon juice/chili powder "sauce" cuz we like more sauce. Swapped out carrots for chunks of yam and onion (more stuff, different textures). Served with a rice/quinoa pilaf and some roasted broccoli. A keeper! Great, complex "flavor profile", as they say.

Stephanie Ferrell

While the chicken was perfectly tender and the method of cooking easy, the favors were bland. I would try the general concept again, but adding garlic and/or shallot, plus maybe some other herbs and vegetables.

Nancy K

I followed the recipe except I used bone-in, skin-on thighs, as I prefer these. Done to perfection in 30 minutes. I was also hesitant about the fish sauce, as it's not my favorite. The flavor wasn't noticeable, but I found the fishy aroma off-putting. I'll try a different umami bump next time. Otherwise it was lovely.

Rick T

Made as directed; marinated 6 hours. Given the bizarre combination of ingredients in the marinade, I was cautious. It was delicious! I think a longish marinating time is essential for the sweet ingredients to balance the fish sauce. BTW, for easy cleanup, line your sheet pan with foil, not parchment paper.

chili powder

Cumin, oregano, red pepper flakes, paprika, garlic, dried onion


I made this last night and we loved it. I followed the recipe and wouldn't make any changes. The chicken was tender and moist, the carrots so well flavored and the apricots tender and flavorful roasted with the chicken and carrots.The recipe has already gone into my cookbook for another day!

Sue Fisher

Much like @Robin, I wound up subbing with what I had. It was great way to use some items from holiday food baskets. Used Harry & David Apple Cherry Chutney and added dried apples and apricots from a basket. Used Meyer Lemons for the juice and then slathered sliced lemon and onion and carrots in the marinade before roasting with the boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Absolutely delicious.


I would not make this recipe again. Although we like each individual element of the recipe, the meal was mediocre at best. The flavors did not seem to compliment each other. However, some of your readers found it delicious.


A fabulous and versatile recipe that was a big hit. For umami, I subbed Worcestershire sauce in place of fish sauce, and prunes for apricots (bc we had those), mushrooms and onions for carrots (again, using what was on hand). And, since we used boneless skinless thighs, we cooked for 25 minutes. Will definitely make again.


Made this recipe exactly as written. It was a huge hit. The apricots are probably the best part. They get a little charred and chewy in a really delicious way. Reminded me of a Sephardic cookbook I borrowed from a friend that was full of dishes pairing fruit with umami-rich protein. I tried it because the picture looks so appetizing and mine looked just like it. I've made it several times since.


I did not have chili powder so used baharat and it came out good


Wow! Had no apricots and few carrots, and two pounds thighs, so doubled marinade and used:Home dried Blue Damson plums (these are delightfully tart)Dried tart cherries3 large dried figs, sliced thickOne pound carrotsAbout equivalent VOLUME small cauliflower florets3/4 Red Large Red OnionThought things looked too pale and watery when thighs were done, so turned oven up to 450. The "preheat" was too intense and although it turned out PERFECTLY (with a few charred plums) I was lucky.


Usually I find four-starred recipes on here to be pretty reliable, but this was mediocre at best. Maybe it just wasn't my flavor profile, despite including lots of ingredients I like, but I won't be making again.


Added onion peppers and garlic. 12 thighs lasted 3 diners


Replaced chili powder with sambal and added a ton of depth and flavor!


Incredible recipe. Easy, quick and delicious! Followed the recipe as written. As far as brands, I used Primal Kitchen's Avocado Oil Mayo and Bonne Maman apricot preserves.


I thought the flavors were great, but the texture of the apricots was way to "gummy" for me to want to make this again.

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Roasted Chicken Thighs With Tangy Apricots and Carrots Recipe (2024)
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