OU softball vs Florida State recap: Sooners advance to WCWS with NCAA super regional sweep (2024)

Coach Patty Gassoand thesecond-seeded OU softball teamwill look to clinch an eighth consecutive Women's College World Series berth when they face 15th-seeded Florida State on Friday at Love's Field.

Here's what you need to know about the Sooners (53-6) vs. Seminoles (46-15):

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OU softball live score updates vs.Florida State

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With the win, OU advances to the Women's College World Series.

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Mid 7: OU musters one hit, no runs

The Sooners collected a hit in the top of the seventh. Last chance for the Seminoles coming up.

End 6: Nicole May goes 1-2-3

Nicole May entered for the Sooners and recorded a 1-2-3 inning.

Mid 6: OU reaches base on three walks

OU walked three times but didn't add any runs in the top of the sixth.

Nicole May is entering for the bottom of the sixth

End 5: Jayda Coleman strikes again, FSU scores one

Jayda Coleman snagged a miraculous catch in the outfield, robbing Florida State of an extra base hit at the least and possibly a home run.

Keeney allowed a home run and a double but after a mound visit, escaped the inning with a groundout. OU leads 4-2 heading into the top of the sixth.

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Mid 5: Sooners add three runs

OU's offense exploded in the fifth.

Jayda Coleman led off the inning with a single. Ella Parker singled, advancing Coleman to third. Coleman scored on a wild pitch, leading the Seminoles to make another pitching change, this time going back to freshman Ashtyn Danley.

The Sooners added two more runs after freshman Kasidi Pickering blasted a two-run shot to left field, her third home run of the NCAA Tournament.

OU recorded four hits in the fifth.

End 4: Karli Keeney escapes without allowing run

Florida State left fielder Kaley Mudge led off the inning with a single to left field before Autumn Belviy entered as a pinch-runner and stole second.

With a runner in scoring position, Keeney forced two pop outs and a ground out to escape the inning unscathed.

Mid-4: Sooners can't break through on Mimi Gooden

Florida State made another pitching chance in the fourth, going with Mimi Gooden in the circle after using Ashtyn Danley and Makenna Reid to get through the first three innings.

Gooden allowed a one-out single to Rylie Boone before getting Alynah Torres and Cydney Sanders to get out of the inning.

End 3: Seminoles tie it, drive Kierston Deal from the game

Florida State freshman Jaysoni Beachum led off the third with a solo home run to left off Kierston Deal to tie the game and soon enough, Deal was out of the game.

Deal exited with one out, giving way to Karlie Keeney, who got a flyout and a groundout to end the inning.

Mid-3: Base running gets Sooners on the board

Patty Gasso has had no problem getting things going on the bases in the postseason.

She put on a play again in the third inning, and it helped the Sooners get on the board first.

Tiare Jennings delivered a one-out single, then advanced to third on a wild pitch and then a passed ball.

When Ella Parker —one of the Sooners' best baserunners —drew a walk, the Sooners turned up the heat.

Parker took off toward second but intentionally got caught in the rundown. Just before she was tagged out between first and second, Jennings streaked home and the throw was both offline and late, putting the Sooners up 1-0.

End 2: Kierston Deal gets out of jam

Florida State didn't hit the ball hard in the second, it just hit it into the right spots.

An error off Cydney Sanders' glove and a diving try by OU pitcher Kierston Deal helped load the bases, but Deal escaped the jam by getting a pop up on the infield by pinch-hitter Katie Dack to end the inning.

Mid-2: Florida State makes pitching change

After Ashtyn Danley started for the Seminoles, Makenna Reid came on in relief after just one inning.

Reid had a successful first inning, holding the bottom third of the OU order scoreless.

Alynah Torres had the best chance to reach, with a grounder deep into the hole to the left of Florida State shortstop Isa Torres. Isa Torres ranged over, though, and made the play, throwing Alynah Torres at first for the second out.

Reid then got Cydney Sanders to fly out to first to end the inning.

End 1: Kierston Deal retires the side in order

OU starter Kierston Deal retired the side in order in the first, with two groundouts and a popup on the infield.

The game is scoreless after one.

Mid-1: Sooners load 'em up but can't score

OU loaded the bases in the top of the first with one out on Jayda Coleman's walk, Ella Parker's single and another walk by Alyssa Brito.

But the Sooners couldn't break through.

Florida State's Ashtyn Danley got Kasidi Pickering to fly out on the infield, then got Kinzie Hansen to ground into a fielder's choice to end the inning.

Pregame update: Kierston Deal gets start for Sooners

Sophom*ore Kierston Deal (12-1, 1.62 ERA) will get the start for the Sooners in Game 2 of the super regional.

Ashtyn Danley, who started last night for Florida State, will once again start for the Seminoles in a must-win game for Florida State. Makenna Reid was initially listed as the starter but Danley took the circle.

OU is the visiting team for the game.

OU softball highlights vs.Florida State

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What time does OU softball vs.Florida Statestart?

  • Date:Friday, May 24
  • Time:7 p.m. CT
  • Where:Love's Field in Norman

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What channel is OU softball vs.Florida Stateon today?

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OU softball vs Florida State recap: Sooners advance to WCWS with NCAA super regional sweep (2024)
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