GitHub - LAX1DUDE/eaglercraft: Eaglercraft is real Minecraft 1.5.2 that you can play in any regular web browser. That includes school chromebooks, it works on all chromebooks. You can join real Minecraft 1.5.2 servers with it through a custom proxy based (2024)


Offline Download: Offline_Download_Version.html

Scroll down for the 'secure client', if it is required for a server

Minecraft Beta:

Note: we will be transitioning away from Eaglercraft being standalone 'free browser minecraft' to Eaglercraft being a bukkit/bungee plugin for servers to allow 'online access' to players who register with a command as their real online-mode Minecraft account on the server. Server owners can still elect to set online-mode=false in their to allow free login but now that's their legal screw up instead of mine

GitHub - LAX1DUDE/eaglercraft: Eaglercraft is real Minecraft 1.5.2 that you can play in any regular web browser. That includes school chromebooks, it works on all chromebooks. You can join real Minecraft 1.5.2 servers with it through a custom proxy based on Bungeecord. (1)

Official Demo URL:

Download Locally: stable-download/Offline_Download_Version.html

(right click the link and press 'Save link as...' to download the file)

Play Minecraft Beta Singleplayer:

For any questions you can join the discord server and hit me up there

'Secure' Client:

'Secure' Offline Download: Offline_Download_Version_SECURE.html

What is Eaglercraft?

Eaglercraft is real Minecraft 1.5.2 that you can play in any regular web browser. That includes school chromebooks, it works on all chromebooks. You can join real Minecraft 1.5.2 servers with it through a custom proxy based on Bungeecord.

Ayonull runs a FAQ site:

How to make a server

If replit is acceptable, you can use this:

Manual setup instructions:

  1. Check if Java is installed. You can download it from
  2. Download the stable-download/ file from this repository
  3. Extract the ZIP file you downloaded to a new folder
  4. Open the new folder, go into the java/bungee_command folder
  5. In Windows, double-click run.bat. It should open a new terminal window
    GitHub - LAX1DUDE/eaglercraft: Eaglercraft is real Minecraft 1.5.2 that you can play in any regular web browser. That includes school chromebooks, it works on all chromebooks. You can join real Minecraft 1.5.2 servers with it through a custom proxy based on Bungeecord. (2)
    Some computers may just say 'run' instead of 'run.bat', both are correct
  6. On macOS or Linux, google how to open the terminal and use the cd command to navigate to java/bungee_command
    Then, in that folder, run chmod +x and then run ./ It should start the same server
  7. Go to the other java/bukkit_command folder that was also extracted from the ZIP
  8. Again, on Windows, double-click run.bat in the folder. It should open a second terminal window.
    Keep both the first and second terminal window you opened, just minimize them don't close
  9. Again, on macOS or Linux, repeat step 7 except in the java/bukkit_command folder
  10. Your server is now ready. Download and open stable-download/Offline_Download_Version.html
  11. Go to 'Multiplayer' from the main menu. Select 'Direct Connect', type and press 'Join Server'
  12. It should allow you to connect, if not, check the two terminal windows for errors
  13. If you are okay with regularly checking for updates to Offline_Download_Version.html, you are now finished
  14. If you are playing with friends and want a shared website that can be updated, see the stable-download/web folder
  15. To install, create a website and upload the contents of stable-download/web to the URL you want to have Eaglercraft on
  16. The 'web' folder will not work if you open it in your browser locally! If you see 'file:///' in the URL you are doing it wrong. You need to upload the folder to an HTTP or HTTPS server and access it over the internet via http:// or https://. The game will not load otherwise, this is not a bug
  17. To modify the default list of servers, download servers_template.dat and open it in NBTExplorer. Make your changes and then save
  18. If you can't install NBTExplorer, try WebNBT
  19. Upload your modified servers_template.dat to and press 'Encode'.
  20. Download and open the encoded file, copy and paste the text in the file back between the quotes in index.html at line 21 (or 22) in place of the old text that also begins with CgAACQAHc2Vydm between the quotes
  21. To create a link to your site that automatically joins the server, add a ?server= variable to the URL, like (for example): will automatically join ws:// as soon as the player finishes setting their username and skin
  22. To change your server's MOTD and icon, edit the motd1: tag of the listener config in java/bungee_command/config.yml, and replace server-icon.png in the folder where the config file is. Use & to add color/formatting codes. The server list will downscale your icon to 64x64 pixels
  23. You can give your MOTD multiple lines, add a motd2: to define a second line
  24. For an animated MOTD and icon, install EaglerMOTD:
  25. To add some bukkit plugins, download the plugin's JAR file for CraftBukkit 1.5.2 and place it in java/bukkit_command/plugins
  26. To add some bungee plugins, download the plugin's JAR file and place it in java/bungee_command/plugins
  27. See to download some supported plugins
  28. To add /login and /register, install AuthMe and carefully read it's documentation to set it up correctly
  29. To ban a username on Eaglercraftbungee, use: eag-ban <username>
  30. To ban an IP on Eaglercraftbungee, use: eag-ban-ip <ip>, or eag-ban-ip <name> to ban the IP of a player automatically
  31. To ban a range of IP addresses, use slash notation to define a subnet. Example: eag-ban-ip
  32. To ban users by wildcard (*) use: eag-ban-wildcard <text>* or eag-ban-wildcard *<text> or eag-ban-wildcard *<text>*
  33. You can edit bans.txt in your EaglercraftBungee folder, the server automatically reloads the file when it is saved
  34. To ban users by regular expression, use: eag-ban-regex <regex> with a regular expression to match the username in lowercase
  35. If you use /op on your server, keep in mind that if you "/op LAX1DUDE", a player joining as 'laX1DUDE' or 'LaX1dUdE' or 'lax1dude' will all have /op too. To solve this problem, force all operators to only be able to join with all lowercase ('lax1dude') letters in their usernames by moving 'BitchFilterPlugin.jar" into "java/bukkit_command/plugins" and then register every op username lowercase
  36. To connect to your server through a ws:// or wss:// URL instead of ip:port, set up nginx as a reverse proxy to the ip:port of you EaglercraftBungee server you want the URL to connect to. Use a location URL template with the proxy_pass directive.
  37. Eaglercraft uses port 80 for IP connections by default, typing is the same as typing ws://
  38. To forward a client's remote IP address from a request on nginx to EaglercraftBungee for enforcing IP bans, set the X-Real-IP header on the request to websocket when it is proxied
  39. To make a custom resource pack for your site, clone this repository and edit the files in lwjgl-rundir/resources.
  40. When you are done, navigate to epkcompiler/ and double-click run.bat. Wait for the window to say Press any key to continue... and close it. Then, go to ../javascript in the repository and copy javascript/assets.epk to the assets.epk on your website
  41. If you're on mac or linux, navigate to the epkcompiler folder via cd and run chmod +x and then ./ to do this, then copy the same javascript/assets.epk to the assets.epk on your website


I successfully created Singleplayer for this version of eaglercraft and it works 100%, but after many rounds of very thorough testing, I found that TeaVM is unable to optimize certain aspects of terrain generation and world ticking as well as it can optimize the rendering for a multiplayer-only build. On an i9-11900K a render distance of 'Tiny' struggles to pass 12 TPS while standing still, and drops below 1 TPS as soon as a couple new chunks have to be generated and trigger lighting updates. The playerbase of this game will bother me every f**king day if what I release as singleplayer is not perfect and therefore singleplayer will remain private indefinetly and I will not answer any further questions about it or share the source code unless you are just looking to repurpose some of the base OS emulation code.

You can play Minecraft Beta singleplayer here:

How does it work?

Eaglercraft uses the decompiled source code of the official build of Minecraft 1.5.2 direct from Mojang. It is decompiled by MCP and then recompiled to Javascript using TeaVM. Therefore it can join real Minecraft 1.5.2 servers, as it is really running Minecraft 1.5.2 in the browser. However, due to security limitations in modern browsers, it must use javascript Websocket objects for multiplayer instead of direct TCP connections to it's servers. A modified version of Bungeecord is included with Eaglercraft which accepts browser HTTP Websocket connections from Eaglercraft clients and unwraps the streams internally to regular TCP so they can be forwarded to regular Bukkit servers with no plugins. For graphics, a custom GPU compatibility layer allows Mojang's fixed function OpenGL 1.3 based rendering engine to render directly to an HTML5 WebGL 2.0 canvas on the page with minimal changes to the source, preserving the game's graphics to look exactly the same as desktop vanilla Minecraft 1.5.2.


I got tired of closing duplicate 'how to maek sever' and 'add single player' issues almost every day so I disabled it because honestly I don't really care anymore, join discord if you've got an issue to report that you are confident can be backed up with source code


EaglercraftBungee translates WebSockets to a raw Minecraft 1.5.2 TCP connection. It is just regular BungeeCord with more config.yml options, and a built in plugin for syncing people's custom skins between clients so people can see each other's skins

EaglercraftBungee has a built in domain blacklist that updates automatically, you can disable it by setting this in config.yml:

enable_web_origin_blacklist: false

To block all clients on replit from joining, set this to true in config.yml:

origin_blacklist_block_replit_clients: true

To block all offline-download clients, set this to true in config.yml:

origin_blacklist_block_offline_download: true

To block the debug runtime (or other desktop clients), set this to true in config.yml:

origin_blacklist_block_missing_origin_header: true

To add your own blacklisted domains, create a file called origin_blacklist.txt in your bungeecord directory and put the regular expressions inside, one on each line. There 's also a domain command in the console to view a player's domain, and a block-domain and block-domain-name and unblock-domain command to manage the local origin_blacklist.txt from the bungee console (if you don't know how to edit a file on your own). The list reloads automatically when changes to the file are detected.

Enable forward_ip and pass a X-Real-IP header from your proxy to use rate limiting and IP bans on a URL

Nginx example: add proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr to your proxy configuration

The server has built in DoS protection, reset it via typing 'eag-ratelimit reset' in the bungee console

ratelimit: ip: enable: true period: 90 limit: 60 limit_lockout: 80 lockout_duration: 1200 exceptions: []
  • enable enable rate limiting

  • period and limit set the number of requests (limit) can be made in (period) number of seconds

  • limit_lockout and lockout_duration set the number of requests (limit_lockout) that can be made in (period) seconds before the IP is blocked for lockout_duration number of seconds

  • exceptions a list of IP addresses that should never get rate limited. Local IPs like and 192.168.*.* and such are set as exceptions by default

To develop a plugin, download stable-download/java/bungee_command/bungee_dist.jar and add it to the Build Path of your Java IDE. Develop the plugin just like a regular BungeeCord plugin, see EaglerMOTD for an example.

Test your plugin by exporting it as a jar and putting it in the '/plugins' directory of EaglercraftBungee and then clicking 'run.bat'

New Events:

Register event handlers using the standard BungeeCord @EventHandler annotation in your Listener class

Installing (detailed)

If you want to use this project but don't want to compile it from scratch, download stable-download/ and extract

Within there is a 'java' and a 'web' folder. Upload the contents of the web folder to your web server. The web folder will not work if it is opened locally via file:///, it needs to be opened on an http:// or https:// page. Try this extensions if you are on chrome or if that's not possible then download the alternative single-file html offline version that does work on file URLs. If you use this alternative version, please make sure you and your peers keep your copies up to date by regularly downloading any newer versions of the html file at this link to avoid getting stuck with a version that has a game-breaking glitch or mistake. The eaglercraft bungeecord executable is in the java/bungee_command folder along with the sample configuration file and a run.bat script to launch it. CraftBukkit for minecraft 1.5.2 configured to work with the eaglercraft bungee executable is in java/bukkit_command. The available version of Spigot 1.5.2 has a bug when used with bungee so you are limited to CraftBukkit and CraftBukkit plugins only on your servers

Here are some Bukkit plugins compatible with Eaglercraft:

To play the game, launch the run.bat script in both the bungee_command and bukkit_command folders. Then navigate to the URL where the contents of the web folder ended up. The game should load without any issues. Go to the Multiplayer screen and select 'Direct Connect'. Type Press connect or whatever and enjoy, the default port configured in the bungeecord config.yml is 25565 instead of 80 to avoid any potential conflict with the local web server or the OS (and linux desktop users can't use port numbers under 1024 without sudo).

The default behavior in Eaglercraft if no :port is provided when connecting to a server is to use port 80, not port 25565. This is so the game's multiplayer connections in a production environment do not default to a port that is currently blocked by any firewalls. Also this enables you to use Cloudflare and nginx to create reverse proxy connections on your site to host multiple servers on the same domain using different ws:// URLs for each socket.

If you want SSL, set up nginx as a reverse proxy from port 443 to the port on the bungeecord server. You can very easily configure SSL on an nginx virtual host when it is in proxy mode, much more easily than you could if I created my own websocket SSL config option in bungee. To connect to a server running an SSL websocket on the multiplayer screen, use this format: wss://[url]/. You can also add the :port option again after the domain or ip address at the beggining of the URL to change the port and connect with SSL. If you set up the Eaglercraft index.html on an https:// URL, Chrome will only allow you to make wss:// connections from the multiplayer screen. It is a security feature in Chrome, if you want to support both ws:// and wss:// you have to host the Eaglercraft index.html on an http:// URL. The best advice I have for security is to use Cloudflare to proxy both the site and the websocket, because you can use http and ws on your servers locally and then you can configure cloudflare to do the SSL for you when the connections are proxied. And it conceils your IP address to the max and you can also set up a content delivery network for the big assets.epk and classes.js files all for free on their little starter package

To change the default servers on the server list, download stable-download/servers_template.dat and open the file with NBTExplorer (the minecraft one). You will see the list of default servers in a 'servers' tag stored as NBT components, and you can edit them and add more as long as you follow the same format the existing servers have. When you're done, save the file and encode the file back to base64 using the upload option on, then download the encoded file and open it and replace the base64 between the quotes on line 8 of your index.html with the new base64 in the encoded file you downloaded.

There is a plugin hard coded into the bungeecord server to auto synchronize the eaglercraft profile skins between players and worlds

You should probably use a plugin like AuthMe to keep griefers from logging in to other people's profiles


To compile for the web, run the gradle 'teavm' compile target to generate the classes.js file.

To complile to regular desktop Java for quick debugging, using native OpenGL for rendering instead of WebGL:

  • Create a new empty eclipse project
  • Link the src/main/java and src/lwjgl/java as source folders and add the jars in lwjgl-rundir as dependencies
  • Create a run configuration and add a jvm argument pointing to the lwjgl natives folder (lwjgl-rundir/natives) like this: -Djava.library.path=natives, and make sure the working directory for the run configuration is the lwjgl-rundir folder.

To modify the game's resource pack (javascript/assets.epk), view the readme in the /epkcompiler directory

this project is just a proof of concept to show what can be accomplished when using TeaVM to cross compile an existing java program to javascript. It is not very fast or stable, and the only real useful portion is the emulator code which creates a makeshift fixed function OpenGL 1.3 context using webgl (based on OpenGL 3.3) operational in the browser. Maybe it can be used to port other games in the future.


All I really have to say is, tabs not spaces, and format the code to be like the eclipse auto format tool on factory settings, but also run-on lines of code long enough to go off the screen and single line if statements and other format violations in that category are welcome if it helps enhance the contrast between the less important code and the more important code in a file. Don't commit changes to javascript/classes.js or javascript/assets.epk or anything in stable-download/. I'll recompile those myself when I merge the pull request.

GitHub - LAX1DUDE/eaglercraft: Eaglercraft is real Minecraft 1.5.2 that you can play in any regular web browser. That includes school chromebooks, it works on all chromebooks. You can join real Minecraft 1.5.2 servers with it through a custom proxy based  (2024)
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