DIY Striped Flower Pot (2024)

As a gardener, I have terra cotta pots laying around everywhere. Anyone else have a pot hoarding problem? Terra cotta may be the most versatile type of flower pot. They’re unbelievably sturdy, can be painted any color, and the porous clay material allows water and air to pass through, which is great for container plants. The other bonus is that they’re great for use both indoors and out. So when I envisioned creating a DIY Painted Striped Flower Pot, I immediately thought about terra cotta!

DIY Striped Flower Pot (1)

Why terra cotta pots?

Even when terra cotta pots break, people have found ways to use them for making all kinds of crafts, such as container fairy gardens or buried pots with flowers spilling out. And because they can be used both indoors and out, terra cotta pots are the go-to choice for many gardeners.

DIY Striped Flower Pot

Though I love terra cotta pots for their versatility, I don’t always love the orange color. The Christmas season is quickly approaching, and what better way to get in the spirit than with a little gold? And let’s be real, who doesn’t love gold any time of year? It adds a touch of glam to any decor.

Since I knew I’d be keeping this terra cotta pot inside, I didn’t worry about using weather-resistant paints. But if you are planning to paint a DIY Striped Flower Pot to use outdoors, then I suggest using durable paint intended for outdoors. For this project, I used:

How to Paint a Terra Cotta Pot

  1. First begin by cleaning your pot. Mine had been used quite a bit out doors. In fact, it used to be painted green (12 years ago), but now all the paint has been long since been washed away by rain and wear. Give your pot plenty of time to dry out if you wash it with soap and water. Leave it sitting overnight just to be sure. DIY Striped Flower Pot (2)
  2. Using the chalk paint and a medium-sized paint brush, cover the pot and the inside of the rim. Let dry. Then apply a second coat. Chalk paint does dry quickly, so you should be able to do both coats in a short span. (Tip: My Annie Sloan can began rusting, so a friend told me to move the paint into a large mouth mason jar and store in a cabinet. No more rust!) DIY Striped Flower Pot (3)
  3. Once the second coat of paint has dried (consider leaving it overnight), apply painter’s tape around pot to create stripes. Since flower pots gradually get larger at the top, making even lines can be tricky. Feel free to use smaller pieces of tape to make your stripes. Once tape is in place, use the Inca Gold paint (Find it here!) to create thick stripes. Let dry. Repeat this step until the gold stripes are as bold as you’d like them. I used 3 coats of acrylic paint. (Non-Professional Tip: I paint on paper bags and just squirt the acrylic paint directly on the bag to dip my brush in. Win!) DIY Striped Flower Pot (4)
  4. Let dry, then use to your heart’s content. If you’re going to put your pot outside, then be sure to use a weather-resistant paint. For indoor potted plants, buy a gold or white plate (the Dollar Tree is perfect for this) to use as a saucer. Or if you want to place a potted plant inside, be sure to use a small plastic saucer at the bottom to catch water run-off.

This DIY Striped Flower Pot is perfect for any decor that needs some glam, and you can certainly use any colors that you prefer for the stripes. Have a friend or loved one who is a garden or decor lover? This painted terra cotta pot would be the perfect gift! Who doesn’t love a personal touch to a gift? DIY Striped Flower Pot (5)

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I’d love to know your favorite way to make new use of old flower pots! Have a great week and happy gardening!


DIY Striped Flower Pot (2024)
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