Crossflow chapter 9 – Shanghai Fantasy (2024)

No one expected that Sui Yuesheng would have the audacity to fire a gun in the Tao family’s memorial hall.

Except for him, all the attendants, including his entourage, were waiting outside the hall. Since they had come to pay their respects, none of them had brought firearms, making his move completely unexpected.

A few provocations from Elder Sun, and he could directly aim the gun at him. Would the heavily armed men behind him also be able to open fire and shoot them all on the spot?

More than one person thought of this possibility and felt a chill.

The bodyguards stationed by the Tao family in the memorial hall all stood in the shadows. Upon hearing the gunshot, they immediately moved forward to surround Tao Fengche and Zhao Jiayang, forming a human wall. They quickly drew their guns aimed at Sui Yuesheng, the entire sequence of actions ready to execute at Tao Fengche’s command, ready to kill this arrogant man on the spot. Conversely, Sui Yuesheng’s men were not afraid to bring out their guns, directly pointed at Tao’s family.

… This is going to be a direct firefight in the memorial hall?

Everyone present was used to a life of violence, but had never seen such a scene before. Since entering the gates of the Tao family, they had passed several metal detectors. At this moment, they were simply unarmed, except for Jing Ning who remained unmoved as if nothing happened. Even Elder Sun stepped back under the support of others.

War seemed imminent. No one wanted to be the first to make a move.

But, in that moment of tension, Sui Yuesheng seemed the calmest person present. He slowly undid the safety catch of his gun, playing it around in his hand like a toy.

With age, his temper had mellowed considerably. If this were in the past, Elder Sun wouldn’t have walked out of that door alive.

Sui Yuesheng suddenly smiled softly, and his voice was full of contempt: “Even if I am a beta…”

His voice was light and he did not continue, but everyone understood the reason.

—Even if he’s a beta, he is not afraid of this battlefield of alpha.

First, there was Jing Ning, and then followed by Sui Yuesheng. Had these betas all taken the wrong medicine and mutated?!

Everyone slandered in their hearts, and some even took pleasure in it, thinking that compared to Jing Ning’s mild temper, at least he only ignored others. But the current Sui Yuesheng, who looked harmless, was someone who could shoot and kill at the drop of a hat.

With the gunshot just now that broke the momentum, no one dared to step forward at this moment to question whether Sui Yuesheng was capable and qualified to take over the Tao family’s authority.

In terms of marksmanship alone, many alphas present were not his match, let alone looking at his calm expression now, as if he had just casually sipped tea in the garden instead of firing a shot in the funeral hall.

Utterly disregarding human life, typical of a mafia leader. If they weren’t in the Tao family’s mourning hall today, Elder Sun would definitely be in grave danger.

People in the room had different thoughts, but from the moment Sui Yuesheng fired the gun, Tao Fengche was completely stunned in place.

The Sui Yuesheng in his memory, though always bad-tempered, had never been so ruthless.

… As if shooting someone was as common as eating for him.

It was really too far from the image in his memory.

But even so, he still inexplicably trusted Sui Yuesheng. It was unclear who gave him the confidence, allowing him to be sure that Sui Yuesheng would not shoot at him in front of everyone, and even ignoring Zhao Jiayang’s obstruction, he took the lead in making a gesture.

Even the well-trained Tao family bodyguards hesitated for a moment but still obeyed the order and slowly put away their guns.

With them setting an example, Sui Yuesheng’s side also complied.

An impending major battle was resolved invisibly. It was not suitable for bloodshed in the funeral hall, and Xu Song, who had been anxious all along, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

It had to be said that Sui Yuesheng’s move to kill the chicken to warn the monkey was indeed well played.

Now, Elder Sun, who spoke disrespectfully first, seemed more humiliated than triumphant; Tao Fengche, the originally nailed-down heir, remained silent, Zhao Jiayang’s face expressionless, and the followers brought by Sui Yuesheng stood by with hostile eyes.

The people in the room were all sharp-minded. With Elder Sun’s example in mind, no one dared to step forward at this moment to be the first bird, so they all found excuses to leave cleanly. As for what tricks they would play later, that was a matter for later.

Sui Yuesheng stood quietly in the center of the room. The guests came and went seemingly unable to distract him in the slightest. The others consciously kept their distance from this star, creating a vacuum around him in the funeral hall. Only Jing Ning, who had seen enough of the show, said goodbye to him before leaving.

“I’m going back.”

“See you next time.” Sui Yuesheng nodded.

Watching the interaction between these two, Tao Fengche couldn’t help but think inappropriately—These two perfectly exemplify what it means for ‘the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as water.’

After the guests in the funeral hall left, Xu Song finally approached and greeted Sui Yuesheng.

“Mr. Sui, what happened today…”

Sui Yuesheng raised his hand and threw the gun to his subordinate, and his expression even seemed a bit gentle: “It’s nothing, I just found him talking incessantly a bit annoying. Uncle Xu, just call me as you used to. It’s been a long time since we met. How have you been?”

Xu Song smiled warmly. “I’m doing well. Young Master is still obedient.”

Xu Song wanted to steer the conversation towards Tao Fengche, but Sui Yuesheng didn’t respond. Tao Fengche hesitated for a while, wanting to ask how he had been recently, but still didn’t speak up.

Xu Song had to break the awkward silence again: “Is Young Master Sui moving back to stay today?”

Sui Yuesheng pondered for a moment: “There’s no rush for that. I’ve just returned and there are quite a few things to sort out. Let’s talk about it later.”

“The room you used to stay in is still kept for you. The servants clean it regularly, just like before,” Xu Song smiled.

“I see…” Sui Yuesheng seemed somewhat surprised. He fell silent for a moment, then suddenly chuckled, “I’ll move back in a couple of days and stay in the same room as before. I have some things to attend to today, so I won’t come to sleep tonight.”

He turned around, paused for a moment, as if there were more words left unsaid. Tao Fengche’s heart skipped a beat, but Sui Yuesheng quickened his pace. His steps were slow at first, then gradually faster, as though someone were chasing him from behind. In the blink of an eye, he walked out of the memorial hall with his men, quickly disappearing from sight, as if his brief pause earlier had been Tao Fengche’s illusion.

Tao Fengche found himself stranded once again. Before he could even process the sudden surge of grievance in his heart, it was drowned out by overwhelming confusion.

He hadn’t smelled Sui Yuesheng’s scent before, assuming it was due to the distance between them and the many alphas around. Yet just now, with less than a meter between them, he still couldn’t detect it.

The man was immaculate, even the scent of laundry detergent was faint, as if he were truly an ordinary beta lost in the crowd, devoid of any pheromones.

But he was undeniably a twenty-seven-year-old omega, and Tao Fengche had smelled that sweet lychee scent ten years ago.

And he was sure his nose wasn’t the problem.

Tao Fengche couldn’t fathom how Sui Yuesheng, an omega, managed to make everyone believe he was a beta.

Where did his pheromones go?

Wait a moment…

Tao Fengche suddenly recalled a surgery rumored only on the black market.

Could it be… had Sui Yuesheng undergone gland removal surgery? But when the other turned and walked away just now, the evening breeze gently lifted his hair, revealing his nape—pale and smooth, like fine porcelain. There wasn’t a trace of a surgical scar, not even visible pores.

Tao Fengche stood still, furrowing his brow in thought, while Zhao Jiayang glanced at him and then at Xu Song, completely lost.

“Xiao Che, what’s going on…”

Winter in Jingpu was too cold, even with the heating turned up indoors, it wasn’t conducive to Chu Yin’s recovery.

When Chu Yin was alive, every November, Zhao Jiayang would take him to the Western Continent, returning only when Jingpu’s weather began to warm in April, completely missing the existence of “Sui Yuesheng.”

Like the guests in the memorial hall, he was completely unfamiliar with the name “Sui Yuesheng” and what it represented.

Tao Fengche instinctively replied, “He was a bodyguard and playmate my father picked up one winter a year ago. He suddenly disappeared, never thought I’d meet him here today.”

Almost as if compelled, he chose to conceal Sui Yuesheng’s omega identity, though he himself didn’t know why.

Zhao Jiayang nodded, accepting the explanation.

Crossflow chapter 9 – Shanghai Fantasy (2024)
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