A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Text (2024)

This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X).

This page covers all unused text found in the final PC version of the game. All unused text found in builds since its release on October 5, 2017 is covered here. The text itself can stem from prerelease versions of the game to completely unique text not found anywhere else, some of which can reveal a lot about the changes the game went through during development.


  • 1 alp_signs.int
  • 2 basem*nt.int
  • 3 camera_tourist.int
  • 4 checklist.int
  • 5 collectibles.int
  • 6 conductors.int
  • 7 contracts.int
  • 8 contracts_deathwish.int
  • 9 cooking_cat.int
  • 10 crow_agent.int
  • 11 dj_grooves.int
  • 12 forestdwellers.int
  • 13 HatinTimeGame.int
  • 14 hatkid.int
  • 15 mafia.int
  • 16 mafia_npc.int
  • 17 cafescene.int
  • 18 mafiatown.int
  • 19 debug.int
  • 20 Unused Diary Entries
  • 21 menus.int
  • 22 metro_empress.int
  • 23 minimission_murder.int
  • 24 mustachegirl.int
  • 25 mustachegirl.int (2nd One)
  • 26 new_ability.int
  • 27 queen_vanessa.int
  • 28 sandislands.int
  • 29 shapeshifter.int
  • 30 ship_docks.int
  • 31 internal_ship.int
  • 32 owls_ship.int
  • 33 tourist_ship.int
  • 34 captain_ship.int
  • 35 snatcher.int
  • 36 snatcher_ship.int
  • 37 snatcher_deathwish.int
  • 38 subcon_signs.int
  • 39 sunburnt.int
  • 40 taunts.int
  • 41 spaceship.int
  • 42 train_operator.int
  • 43 tutorial.int
  • 44 were_test.int
  • 45 Creator DLC
    • 45.1 Vanessa's Curse


[TowerOfGods]Warning0 = Here lies the brave heroes who faced the wrath of the horned gods,[br]and banished them back to heaven.Warning1 = The sound of brass bells and hooves no more.[br]The Tower of the Gods keeps them at bay.Warning2 = For the eternal bridge between gods and men,[br]The Tower of the Gods stands guardian for mankind.

An unused localization file that has long since been removed from the current final game. The text and section explicitly reference 'The Tower of Gods', the scrapped name for the initial starting area of Alpine Skyline. Habboi, the lead 3D Artist of Gears For Breakfast, described on his developer playthrough of the game that he had text set up on grave stones around the top of the tower area at one point that used this text, but were removed before the final game.


mail_2 = This looks to be a mix of fan mail (mostly from penguins) and hate mail (entirely from the [icon:Conductor][name]Conductor[/name]).

A single unused bit of dialogue for Deadbird Basem*nt, likely intended for the mail piles in DJ Grooves's room near the end of the level.


cameras0 = Y-you're right! I'll use my camera! Let's go!

The only unused text in the Tourist's localization file, and has since been removed from the final game. This text was found in the "finale" section of the file, and was intended for a scrapped role for him in the finale, where he would work together with a Caw Agent to assist Hat Kid while she was fighting Mustache Girl. Partial remnants of this sequence still exist in the final game, but are still largely incomplete. No dialogue is known to have been recorded for this line.


[checklist]None = No DescriptionCh1HarborRest = Enter the Harbor ResturantCh1MafiaTie5 = Collect 5 Mafia Ties

A now-removed localization file that was accidentally added in the September 29 2018 build of the game, not being present in the game files at launch. The file and text are leftover from prerelease builds before the Speedrun Builds.


TwoItemsAnd = and

Hat Kid never obtains two items at once. Thus, this "and" is never needed.

BadgeCollect0 = It requires [yarn][badgepoints_required] [icon:yarn]yarn[/yarn] to stitch; only [yarn][badgepoints_left][/yarn] to go!BadgeCollect1 = It requires [yarn][badgepoints_required] [icon:yarn]yarn[/yarn] to stitch, and you've got [yarn][badgepoints_player][/yarn]! Press [button:start] to open the pause menu, where you can stitch it!

These messages are more remiscent of the Beta builds' messages when obtaining a Badge to acquire BP. Indeed, these messages about Yarn were built off of the messages for Badge Points. Neither of these are used in the final, as the final game doesn't tell you how much more Yarn you need to stitch a hat.

UnknownName =??? HatUnknownDescLocked0 = No description.UnknownDescTech0 = This hat does not seem to have any purpose.

These are the default messages for a Hat Ability. As there are none in the final game with no ability, these messages never normally appear.

HoverName = Floating HatHoverDescFun0 = Float away from a sticky situation!HoverDescTech0 = Press and hold [button:badge] to float for a bit!

A name and description for an unused Hat Ability, the Floating Hat. The Floating Hat appeared in prerelease footage and screenshots, using the ladybug hat as its main model. The Floating Hat was a Badge in the Beta, and ultimately remained as a Badge in the final game, although its functionality was changed to stop fall damage, not allow you to gain height. A couple class files and coding for this Hat Ability remained in the earliest versions of the Modding Tools, as well as within the compiled scripts of builds of the game around its initial release!

MapName = Relics MapMapDesc0 = A helping hand in finding relics!

Text referring to the relic map functionality that the Relic Map Badge once had before DLC 1 released. This is leftover from the older inventory system in the Beta, where you could collect items and use them directly from your inventory. This text has long since been removed.

BadgeCollect0 = It requires [hint][badgepoints_required] Badge Points[/hint] to activate; only [name][badgepoints_left][/name] to go!BadgeCollect1 = It requires [hint][badgepoints_required] Badge Points[/hint] to activate, and you've got [name][badgepoints_player][/name]! Press [button:start] to open the pause menu, where you can activate it!BadgeCollect2 = It requires [badgepoints_required] Badge Points to activate!BadgeCollect3 = You've got enough Badge Points to activate it!BadgeCollect4 = You already have this badge, but you get +1 Badge Points anyway!BadgePart = Part

Even more strings related to Badge Points, this time still using Badge Points instead of Yarn in the text. Most of this text is leftover from the Beta. This text has long since been removed.

UnknownName =??? AbilityUnknownDescFun0 = No description.UnknownDescTech0 = This ability does not seem to have any purpose.

Another variation of the default text for Hat Abilities, this time for the ability itself and not the Hat. Once again, there are no useless abilities in the final game, so this text goes unseen.

DamageToEnergyName = Teen Angst BadgeDamageToEnergyFun0 = An angry little girl never runs out of energy!DamageToEnergyTech0 = Gain energy when attacking enemies!

Text leftover from the Beta. The Teen Angst Badge is not obtainable in the final game, and would be useless anyway due to the Energy Meter being scrapped. The class file for this badge is still present in the compiled scripts for the initial release versions of the game (albeit with its coding completely wiped), but not in the current final game.

TeleportName = Snatcher's Realm BadgeTeleportDescFun0 = Undo your mistakes!TeleportDescTech0 = Press [button:badge] to undo a jump!

Text for a Badge that was present in the Beta, although given its description appears its functionality changed after the Beta, but before it was scrapped. It's unclear what it means by 'undo a jump', as there's no coding for any such Badge in the Beta or final game that rewinds time. The coding for this Badge was still present in initial release's compiled scripts, but has long since been removed from the final game, along with this text. Further compounding the confusion is that the coding for the Badge leftover in the initial release matches its use in the Beta: creating teleporters to warp back to after placing one. The teleporters used by this Badge are still in the final game, unused, but fully functional.

MoreEnergyFromOrbsName = Explorer's BadgeMoreEnergyFromOrbsFun0 = Can't wait to go on adventures!MoreEnergyFromOrbsTech0 = Gain 4x more energy from orbs!

Text leftover from the Beta. The Explorer's Badge is not obtainable in the final game, but its class file was still leftover in the initial release's compiled scripts. Its coding, however, was wiped. Not that it would be of use anyway, again, due to the lack of the Energy Meter as a mechanic in the final. Its class file is no longer present in the current build of the final game, as is its text here.

RocketJumpName = Rocket Jump BadgeRocketJumpFun0 = Fly to the skies!RocketJumpTech0 = Hold [button:jump] after a double jump to get shot upward!

Text for an unused Badge not found within the Beta. Its class file was present in the initial release's compiled scripts, but it, along with this text, has long since been removed from the game. Spawning it via console commands in builds it is present in reveals that it is in fact fully functional! Although it was never given any unique graphics, with it instead using the unused Ice Statue Badge graphics leftover from the Beta as a placeholder, doing as the description says with it equipped spawns a rocket that Hat Kid somewhat awkwardly climbs aboard. The rocket then takes off straight up, exploding a few seconds later after traveling a short distance. It's quite easy to see why this wasn't used, as it has the potential to easily break level design within the game.

MoreHealthName = More Health BadgeMoreHealthFun0 = Take more punches!MoreHealthTech0 = Provides an additional heart slot!

Text for an unused Badge not found within the Beta. Its class file was present in the initial release's compiled scripts, but it, along with this text, has long since been removed from the game. The Badge has no coding, and thus no use. It was never given unique graphics, with it instead using the unused Chemical Badge graphic as a placeholder. Hat Kid's health HUD could only visually support up to 4 health before the Nyakuza Metro DLC released. Alongside Nyakuza Metro, however, the game also got an 'Assist Mode', which increases the max Health of the player from 4 to 8 (9 if you get a Metro Food Combo). It's possible that this badge would've done something similar to Assist Mode.

MuddyName = Bucket of Mud BadgeMuddyDescFun0 = The badge comes with a free bucket of mud! Yay?MuddyDescTech0 = Press [button:badge] to become muddy!

Text for an unused Badge not found within the Beta. Its class file was present in the initial release's compiled scripts, but it, along with this text, has long since been removed from the game. It was never given unique graphics, with it using the unused Chemical Badge graphic as a placeholder. However, it is fully functional and works as described! How useful it would've been is another question, but it's possible this was a testing Badge used to test the effects of being muddy near Mafia, and/or perhaps Goofy Mafia in She Came From Outer Space.

AirAttackBadgeName = Air Attack BadgeAirAttackBadgeDesc0 = Allows you to attack in the air!

Text for an unused Badge not found within the Beta, and for a fairly obvious reason: the Air Attack was an ability Hat Kid could get while wearing Thor's Cap, and did not require a Badge. Unlike the previous unused Badges that were not present at all in the Beta, this Badge actually has a unique icon graphic, and it's fully functional, too! Attempting to attack in midair with it equipped works flawlessly, with it using the same animation (which is normally unused in the final) as in the Beta. This Badge is no longer in the game as of the February 7, 2023 build of the game. It's not completely known why this Badge was scrapped, but some members of the community claim it's because Jonas, the lead programmer and creator of the game, didn't like the Air Attack, and that almost everyone else on the development team did, so the Badge was kept in the final game for those that want to use it by spawning it with console commands, until it got removed.

LungeAttackBadgeName = Lunge Attack BadgeLungeAttackBadgeDesc0 = Lunge Attack Badge

Text for an unused Badge not found within the Beta. Much like the Air Attack Badge, this Badge is still present in the current final game, and is fully functional! Equipping it will replace Hat Kid's normal 3-combo attack with a jumping forward slash, then a swipe, then a quick leap backwards while doing a back-flip. All of these animations for Hat Kid are otherwise unused. Unlike the Air Attack Badge, though, it was never given a unique graphic, and its description text is obviously placeholder. Its text is also gone in the current final game, and has been replaced by the text used for the new version of the Relic Finder Badge.

80sCandy = 80s Candy

Text for an unused Dye intended for DLC 1. Assets for this dye can be found in the Modding Tools. This text has since been removed from the final game.

ExtraHealthName = 1-Up BadgeExtraHealthDesc0 = Allows you to take an extra hit.

Text for an unused Badge that was intended to be added in DLC 2. This text first appeared when DLC 2 released, however, no assets or coding are known to exist for this Badge in the Modding Tools or any public build. This text was removed from the game in the August 16 2019 build of the game.

FindRelicsBadgeName = Relic Finder BadgeFindRelicsBadgeDesc0 = Shows a map towards nearby [icon:relic]!

Text for an older functionality of the Relic Finder Badge. In versions of the game before DLC 1 released, it displayed a map on the bottom right corner of the screen showing some nearby collectibles around Hat Kid. The general feedback on the Badge after the game released was that it was confusing and wasn't intuitive to use. It was overhauled when DLC 1 released to no longer use the map and instead use a simple 3D arrow above the player that points to nearby treasure. The text for it also went unused, with it receiving completely new text instead of this text being replaced... For some reason.

MafiaTieName = Mafia TieMafiaTieDesc0 = It's all sweaty and gross! Ew!MafiaTieGoldName = Golden Mafia TieMafiaTieGoldDesc0 = What?! This thing must be really heavy to wear. And expensive!

Text for the scrapped Mafia Tie and Golden Mafia Tie collectibles, leftover from the Beta. Mafia do not drop ties in the final game, although they still had coding to do so for a little while after release, albeit disabled by a Const variable. The collectibles, this text, and all coding referencing Mafia Ties have long since been removed from the game, completely.

LevelTabletName = Ancient TabletLevelTabletDesc0 = It seems to spell out something... but it requires more pieces!LevelTabletDesc1 = It does look really rare, though. Better keep an eye out for more of those balloons!

Text leftover from the Beta for the tablet items that could be collected by popping Rainbow Balloons, which do not appear in the final game (although the class file for the Rainbow Balloon and Tablet were present in the initial release's compiled scripts, fully functional). Much like the Mafia Ties, this text, the item, and the Rainbow Balloons have all long since been removed from the final game.

TimePieceName = Time PieceTimePieceDesc0 = I want this. A lot.

A rather odd and interesting bit of text found in the "loot" section of the file, in the same section as the Mafia Ties and Ancient Tablet text. This text implies that Time Pieces, at some point or another, would be something that Hat Kid could collect and have go into her inventory, which doesn't make a lot of sense being that they're the main collectible of the game. There is an unused class file in the initial release's compiled scripts, "Hat_Collectible_TimePiece", which uses this text and literally does nothing else. Unsurprisingly, this text and the unused collectible have long since been removed from the final game.

UnknownName =??? CosmeticUnknownDesc0 = No description.KidHatName = Kid's HatKidHatDesc0 = Her pride and joy.ThorHatName = Inventor's CapThorHatDesc0 = Grants a spin attack while airborne!WitchHatName = Witch HatWitchHatDesc0 = Reduces your energy significantly, but also regenerates it!HolidayHatName = Holiday HatHolidayHatDesc0 = A seasoned touch!KidHatBoyName = Kid's HatKidHatBoyDesc0 = His pride and joy.DinoHatName = Textile T-RexDinoHatDesc0 = Hear me roar! Rawwwwwr!HeadbandName = Lady BandHeadbandDesc0 = Float like a ladybug, sting like a ladybug. Peace out!CatBeanieName = 1-Hit HeroCatBeanieDesc0 = You die in one hit. Only for the brave!FuzzyHornHatName = Sleepy SheepFuzzyHornHatDesc0 = Makes you feel like a lazy sheep, sitting in the sun, having a nap.RaccoonHatName = Snoozy RaccoonRaccoonHatDesc0 = Sleeping on top of your head, what kind of monster would wake him up?ParadeHatName = Parade HatParadeHatDesc0 = The leader that this town needs!

In the initial release builds of the game, there existed a section in this file called "cosmetic", and has long since been completely removed from the game. These item descriptions are for the cosmetic system used in the Beta. In the final, this system has been completely removed. There are several class files also in the initial release's compiled scripts which use these descriptions, and cannot be obtained due to the different inventory system. What's interesting about some of them is that some have abilities that made their way into the final game in the form of a Badge or Hat Ability. The Thor Cap still granted the Air Attack, an ability which was moved to a Badge before ultimately being scrapped from the final game. The Holiday Hat was shown off in a prerelease screenshot showing Hat Kid standing next to a snowman, which do not appear in the final game at all and are only found in the Modding Tools. This hat in particular went on to be a flair for the Ice Hat. A hat that is stated to be '"his" pride and joy' is likely referring to Timmy's Hat, which belongs to the scrapped Co-op character, Timmy. The Ladybug Hat was already being set up to be the unused Floating Hat's main appearance before this Cosmetic System was scrapped. The Cat Beanie originally once served as the game's 'One-Hit Hero Badge'. Of the remaining three, only the Raccoon Hat is unique. The Raccoon Hat does not appear in the final game at all, and can only be found in the Modding Tools. What's interesting about it though, is that in the Modding Tool's class file for the Time Stop Hat Ability, there is commented-out coding in its default properties listing the Raccoon Hat as a flair of it. The Raccoon Hat being a Time Stop Hat flair never came to pass for one reason or another.

WhiteRedSkinName = The Big BossRedWhiteSkinName = The Blood MoonGreenOrangeSkinName = The NutcrackerBronzeSkinName = BronzeLiquoriceName = Liquorice

Localizaiton for a few unused Dyes when the game initially released. Not all of the unused Dyes at release have localization here, however. Out of these, only 'The Big Boss' and 'The Nutcracker' got their own unique HUD icons. All of this localization still exists in the current final game.

RemixDesc_Sand0 = A new music remix has been unlocked for Alpine Skyline!

Text for unlocking a remix for Alpine Skyline, of which there are none of in the final game, even though one was made for it. No icon graphic was made for Alpine Skyline remixes, either. Based on the name of this text, this text was originally meant for unlocking a remix for Sand 'n Sails, of which one does exist, and a remix icon for Sand N Sails also exists in the Modding Tools. This text still exists in the current final game.

SandmobileJazzName = Sandmobile (Jazz Remix)

Text for the name of the unused Sand 'n Sails remix. The class file for this is present in the initial release's compiled scripts, but is deprecated, and cannot be obtained. This text is still in the current version of the game.

UmbrellaName = Your UmbrellaUmbrellaDesc0 = You got your trusty umbrella back!UmbrellaDesc1 = Whack boneheads with [button:attack]!

Text leftover from the Beta, under a unique section of the file called "weapons". This text is no longer in the current final game. Obviously, this text has no place in the final game anymore due to a Time Piece being what Hat Kid retrieves in the first mission of the game, instead of the Umbrella.

TrainToyName = Train ToyTrainToyDesc = Choo choo! Here comes capt'n me!TrainTracksName = Toy Train TracksTrainTracksDesc = This rail would do well with a train!UFOName = UFOUFODesc = This toy is ready to use crops as its personal sketch pad!CowToyName = Plastic Cow ToyCowToyDesc = This cow looks like it's been places!RedCrayonName = Red CrayonGreenCrayonName = Green CrayonBlueCrayonName = Blue CrayonCrayonBoxName = Crayon BoxRedCrayonDesc = Red is an alright color, but only because you need it to make purple!GreenCrayonDesc = Now I can finally be a vandal! Time to paint the walls green!BlueCrayonDesc = Blue is a decent color, but it'd never win a fight against purple!CrayonBoxDesc = Useful for storing, uh... giant crayons, I guess?BurgerTopName = Burger Cushion (Top)BurgerTopDesc = A cushion shaped like a burger. It's missing its lower sibling! Oh no!BurgerBottomName = Burger Cushion (Bottom)BurgerBottomDesc = A cushion shaped like a burger. It's missing its upper sibling! Oh no!

Each set of relics originally had a unique name for each part of the relic group, along with its own description. In the final game, they all share the same name and description, only gaining unique flavor text when they are fully assembled at a pedestal in the spaceship. Although the text has long since been removed and is not in the current final game anymore, this text exists in builds of the game around the initial release for each of the relic groups.

StatuePedestalName = Statue PedestalStatuePedestalDesc = I've seen naked people sculpted on top of these. Eww!StatueHeadName = Statue of MeStatueHeadDesc = This is me! This definitely has to mean that I'm famous now.ToyDetonatorName = Toy DetonatorToyDetonatorDesc = It never ends well when these things are involved in cartoons!ToyTNTName = Toy TNTToyTNTDesc = Hands up, this is a robbery! Blow open the vault! Boom! We're rich!RobotCatName = Robotic Cat ToyRobotCatDesc = A part of me can't wait to become an old cat lady! Cat queen!BallOfStringName = Ball of StringBallOfStringDesc = Only a cat would find this interesting as a toy!

In addition, there was also text present for several unused relics that did not seem to be part of relic groups. Habboi mentioned in his developer playthrough of the game that originally, you could decorate your ship with relics anywhere, which would explain why there were so many individual relics on their own. Interestingly, all of these relics can be seen in concept art, giving an exact look as to how each of these would've appeared in-game; none of these have a model or textures in the final game, nor in the Modding Tools. None of this text is present in the current final game, either.

DecorationMoney = You already own this relic, so you get [number] Orbs instead!

The last bit of unused text in this file relates to an unused mechanic that never comes into play in-game. This text explains that if you were to ever collect a relic that you already have or have had, you'd get "Orbs" instead. "Orbs" is the early name for Pons, the game's main currency, and is also used in the unused Sunburnt localization file, giving an idea of when this mechanic may have first been implemented into the game. In the final game, you can never collect the same relic twice, and once you've collected them all, you will always get a Rift Token as a reward instead. Interestingly, there does seem to be coding within the collectible relics to handle rewarding Pons, but it doesn't seem to trigger, even if you brute force giving yourself the same relic twice.


sketch0 = Ehhhh ba ba bab![waitlong] Where do ya think yer going, lass?sketch1 = Yer a movie star now, lassy! We need yer ugly mug all over, so that birds from 'round the world will come to watch me movies!sketch2 = Here, take this pen 'n paper, and start making me a movie poster! Make yerself look tough and ready for a fist fight!sketch3 = Make sure to give yerself an outfit as well! It's all about the looks!sketch_done0 = Eh he he! Is that the best yer can do, then? Alright, I'll put these up!

Unused text that still exists in the current final game. This text is a revised version of the original Train Rush text from the Beta, made to fit the theme of Battle of the Birds' movies. The sequence in the Beta involving the door being barricaded, along with Conductor speaking these lines, still exist in the Kismet programming of the Train Rush map. If the sequence is triggered in the final game somehow, the Conductor just uses the older versions of the lines found in the Beta. The re-recorded lines can be found in the Modding Tools.

[big_parade]playing_cards0 = ... wait... hold on... gimme a minute to think about me next move!playing_cards1 = ... uhhh... is ace the best card, or the worst card...?

An entire unused section of the localization file that has since been removed from the game. This text is interesting, as Conductor is never found on the moon in the final game. In the original version of Battle of the Birds, Trainwreck Of Science, the Conductor (and all the owls) did go to the moon at one point, so this might be leftover from that. No dialogue is known to have been recorded for these lines.

director_cut0 = CUT!director_cut1 = What. Was. THAT?!director_cut2 = Cut the cameras!director_cut3 = Who is THAT?!director_cut4 = Get outta my set!

Unused text for Deadbird Studio that has since been removed from the game. The Conductor does speak these lines if you jump into the middle of his recordings, however, no dialogue bubble appears.

director_action0 = Alright, everyone, ready? Let's take it from the top, then. ACTION!director_action1 = Let's make this movie happen! Owls! In position! ACTION!director_action2 = Cameras! Lights! ACTION!director_action3 = Take number four thousand and sixty five! ACTION!director_action4 = You owls ready to record the next scene? Let's do it! ACTION!director_idle0 = Yer owls are lousy actors! Lousy!director_idle1 = Come on, bring a better performance than the penguins at least!director_idle2 = You! What are you doing!? Get back in position!director_idle3 = Which scene are we on? Forty-two? Because you're not supposed to be in frame for scene forty-two!

Same as above. The Conductor speaks all of these lines during Deadbird Studio, but never in text form. These have also since been removed from the final game.

[GearPieces]story_intro0 = Nice place you've got here, lass! Not bad, not bad at all.story_intro1 = You know, back in me old days, I used to go on adventures, just like yerself!story_intro2 = Wanna hear old stories from an old man? It won't give yer a reward or nuthin'.story_intro3 = What kinda story do yer wanna hear?story_intro4 = That'll be [cost] pons for a new story! What, you thought me wisdom was gonna be free? Hah!story_intro5 = Alright, pick a story!story_Jungle01 = Me 'n the Owl Express were heading to new territory, in search of the next Gear Piece!story_Jungle02 = I ventured to the deepest parts of the macaroni jungle, when suddenly, I was met with tribesmen! Lots of them! I was surrounded, kid!story_Jungle03 = But wait... they recognized me! They all bowed down in awe! They said I was the great bird of the west! They must've seen me movies or somethin'!story_Jungle04 = They brought me to their temple, and I saw the next Gear Piece in broad daylight. I knew I had to get me hands on it, but how?story_Jungle05 = As they led me to their worship chamber, my expectations got higher and higher, you know? I was awaiting seeing myself in golden statue form!story_Jungle06 = But lo and behold, you know what I saw, kiddo? A poster of [icon:djgrooves][name]DJ GROOVES[/name]! I was like, YER WHAT, PECK NECKS?!story_Jungle07 = And so I tore down the poster, stole their Gear Piece, 'n ran off! And that's how I got my 7th Gear Piece! Soon the Black Jewel Train will be mine!

An entire unused section of the localization file that has since been removed from the final game. This text implicates that the Conductor would've joined your ship like some other characters do. In fact, there's a class file in initial release's scripts that handles that! It's been deprecated, however, so the Conductor never appears. He is placed in the spaceship in earlier versions of it, sitting on the railing in front of the vault (which would explain why it's lowered compared to other railings in the room). According to the class file, the Conductor would've joined when the player obtained 13 Time Pieces and has cleared Train Rush. As far as voiced lines go, only the first 6 were voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools.

hang1 = We'll miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuu...!!!

An unused line shared amongst multiple characters that was intended for the ending. The characters that grab onto Hat Kid's ship as she's trying to leave were meant to all say this line when she brushes them off with her broom. No character has voicing for it and it's since been removed from the final game.


BreakIce = Break the IceFlowBloom = Make the Flowers Bloom

Unused text in the "Hat_SnatcherContract_IceWall" section of the file. This contract is the initial contract that Hat Kid makes with Snatcher, and the name of the section is a leftover from the original goal of the mission. This text was visible in prerelease footage of the chapter, in particular the Chapter 2 Trailer video (Subcon was originally Chapter 2 of the game before it and Battle of the Birds swapped places). This text is still in the current build of the final game.

[Hat_SnatcherContract_Bonfires]Title = Light the Bonfires for the Fire SpiritsBonfireYellow = Light the Yellow BonfireBonfireGreen = Light the Green BonfireBonfireBlue = Light the Blue BonfireBonfirePurple = Light the Purple Bonfire

An entire unused section of the file which has long since been removed from the game. This section contains text for an unused contract! This contract would've had Hat Kid lighting the bonfires of all the Fire Spirits, something that makes no sense in the final game, seeing as how the first contract has you putting one out, as Snatcher complains that their magic prevents him from accessing the forest. This contract was to be the basis of what is thought to be the original finale for the chapter, "Fire Spirit's Big Ritual", which would've had the Fire Spirits using their fire magic to kill Snatcher, as was originally hinted at in old Prototype footage. Something else to note is that it mentions lighting a purple bonfire, of which there are none in the final game. There is a class file for both purple paintings and purple bonfires still in the final game, albeit unused. The purple bonfire and paintings can be seen in early screenshots and footage of the game. The contract class file for this was in initial release's compiled scripts, and even used the normally unused graphic of Snatcher holding Hat Kid's "pride" hostage instead of her soul, but the class file has long since been removed from the game as well.


Conditions_3Checkpoints = You have 3 chancesConditions_NoHealth = No health ponsConditions_NoCheckpoints = No checkpointsConditions_ClearLevel = You have to collect a Time Piece

Unused text found in the "Info" section of the file. These are all different conditions in the same way that the 3 Lives condition works, although no Death Wishes in the final game use any of these. No Death Wish limits your checkpoints, or explicitly mentions no Health Pons. There is coding during the EX Bosses that suppress or prevent Health Pons from spawning, but there is no known coding to explicitly handle limiting checkpoints. The last piece of text is redundant, as all but one Death Wish (Quality Time with Snatcher and the Candle Death Wishes) require you to collect a Time Piece to complete the contract.

[Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_Intro_100Pons]Title = Pon FanaticObjective = Collect 20 Pons50Pons = Collect 50 Pons100Pons = Collect 100 PonsTip0 = You know what [icon:money] [name]Pons[/name] are, right? Those little green things?[br]They're everywhere. Please tell me you know what [icon:money] [name]Pons[/name] are.

An entire unused section of the file for an unused contract! Pon Fanatic was the original introductory Death Wish for early versions of Death Wish, but was removed as it was likely deemed too easy. Nonetheless, the complete text for it still exists in the final game, although the class file for the contract has long since been removed.

[Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_SecretVault]Title = Secret VaultObjective = Open the Golden VaultCondition = The Vault Codes have been scatteredCondition2 = The Vault only partially points to the codes

Another unused section of the file for another unused contract. Secret Vault was an early version of Vault Codes in the Wind, where the hint lines from the vault would only extend a very short distance. This, coupled with the vault codes being in different spots, essentially created a scavenger hunt for the codes that was probably deemed more annoying than difficult. The coding for the vaults to only partially point towards the codes still exists in the final version's class file for the vaults, but has been commented out and disabled. The contract for this also still exists in the current final game, albeit deprecated.

TimeLimit = Reach the end in 65 secondsTimeLimit_Easy = Reach the end in 3 minutes

This text is from the Bird Sanctuary Death Wish's original 1st bonus, and was used up until the September 21 2018 build of the game. The time limit bonus was replaced by a new bonus that requires the player to beat the level with the One-Hit Hero Badge equipped. This text still exists in the current final game.


new0 = Huh? You want to break into the theater to talk to the Mafia Boss?new1 = Sorry, no can do! You would need to enter through the main door, and it's totally blocked. The only other way would be through the ventilation shafts.new2 = Although you would need a [icon:key][hint]key[/hint] for that. I think one of the Mafia might have it! Tell you what, I bet if you pour them a [hint]hot cup of cocoa[/hint], they'll lend you their key for sure.mask0 = Uhhh... why are you wearing a mask of my face?gotkey0 = You got the key? Great! Just head to the freezer, there's a vent there you can use!

Unused text that details an early version of breaking into the freezer. All of these hints for solving the puzzle are all left out of the final game, as there's no way to trigger any of this text in Mafia HQ. There's also a line of text of Cooking Cat reacting to Hat Kid wearing a mask, which may be the orange Fox Mask, as it's the only mask Hat Kid can obtain that resembles Cooking Cat at all. All of these lines were voiced, and the voiced lines can still be found in the Modding Tools. All of this text has since been removed from the final game.

ninjacat0 = Meow.ninjacat1 = Rrrreeow.ninjacat2 = [wave]Mrrroooowww.[/wave]ninjacat3 = I guess you just don't speak this regional dialect of cat. Huh.

Unused text that oddly doesn't seem to have been intended for Cooking Cat, but rather the Lazy Paw Gang from Alpine Skyline. This text is in the "finale" section of the file, intended to be spoken by the cats waiting in line at the start of the level. In the final game, none of them have anything to say to you. This text still exists in the current final game.


PrivatePart3b = But you'd better get your [BodyPartName] checked out by a doctor. I read online your [BodyPartName] could become infected with bird flu.

An unused alternate line for one of the crow's inquires about Hat Kid. It's unknown when or why this would play in place of the used version. It's voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools. This text still exists in the current final game.

[spaceship]visit0 = Why, hello fellow space travelling child. I am also a space travelling child. I do much space travel.visit1 = From one space travelling child to another, we can share details, yes? What's the secret of the [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece]?visit2 = Why, yes, of course! And as a fellow space travelling child, I of course know what that means and entails.visit3 = As a token of appreciation, please take this item, which is surely of value for us space travelling children.visit4 = I must be off. Us space travelling children are always on the run. It was nice meeting a fellow space travelling child.Idle_mafiaboss0 = As a fellow space travelling child, I do not understand how a man in jar can live without organs and body parts.Idle_mafiaboss1 = It perplexes and confuses me, but I am enticed to figure out the answer. Such is the life of a space travelling child, such as myself.Idle_vault0 = Hello, fellow space travelling child. As a space travelling child myself, I am clumsy and forgetful. I seem to have forgotten the combination to this giant vault of ours.Idle_vault1 = I know, it is very clumsy of me. Can you remind me of the combination? No?

Unused text in a removed section of the file implicating that a Crow Agent was meant to appear on your spaceship at some point. And unless it walked around, the fact that there are comments on both the vault and Mafia Jar either mean that multiple agents appeared on the ship, or it changed location based on who was already aboard the ship. All of these lines are voiced and can be found in the Modding Tools. This text has long since been removed from the final game.


welcome5b = And keep an eye out for refreshments! The off-stage crew will throw 'em your way, to keep you hydrated!welcome5c = And keep an eye out for the cameras! The crew will be trying to get as much footage of you as possible, so swing by them whenever possible!

Unused alternate lines for the instructions before The Big Parade starts. The final game uses a generic line that implies both of these, leaving these not needed. Voiced lines for them can be found in the Modding Tools.

[Highscore]NewHighScore0 = Good job, darling!NewHighScore1 = So close to victory, darling!NewHighScore2 = The trophy will be ours, darling!NoNewScore0 = It's OK, darling! Next time!NoNewScore1 = It's hard to repeat success!NoNewScore2 = Try again, darling!

Unused text that was intended to appear at the end of a DJ Grooves level in Chapter 2. He was intended to speak a line based on how well you did, and these are all voiced, with the voiced lines present in the Modding Tools. The final game has no coding to play or do anything like this, and this text has since been removed from the game.

DJ Grooves has a copy of the line Conductor has for being brushed off the spaceship at the end of the game.


lost0 = Oh, hello there. Are you lost, too?[br]I've been lost for as long as I can remember.afraid_cherry0 = [scream][shake]GAHH!! W-who are you?[/shake][/scream]afraid_cherry1 = Oh, just some kid? Phew. For a minute I was worried you were that shadow guy.afraid_cherry2 = He's kinda rude. I wouldn't associate with that guy. He messes with us, like [hint]using the cherries to make us explode[/hint].

A now-unused and removed localization file. In versions of the game at and around its initial release, there was a Dweller NPC at the start of Subcon Forest that you could talk to that used the first line of text here. The second sequence, however, was completely unused and is leftover from the Beta.


Population_MafiaTown_Less = Population: Less than before since I made them go boom

An unused piece of text meant for the Act Select screen for Mafia Town. It's unknown which act this was meant for, but it's most likely for one after Down With The Mafia!, as Mafia Boss explodes when you beat him, which the game fully acknowledges as he later shows up as a jar full of organs and fluids.

Act_2_6 = Fire Spirits' Big Ritual

Found in the "levels" section just before the finale for Subcon. This is the name of the unused original finale for Subcon. This act name is still in the current final game.

secretlevel_beta_space = Beta Hero's Challenge

Text leftover from the Beta, for the Beta-exclusive level at the end of the build. Beta Hero's Challenge does not exist in the final game at all, even though this text is still present in the current final game.

Location_SubconCave = Subcon CaveLocation_VanessaManor = Vanessa's Manor

Text for the location banners, intended to display when entering Queen Vanessa's Manor and Subcon Well. Neither of these areas display a location banner in the final game.

Location_ScienceExpress = The Owl ExpressLocation_Moon = The Moon

Text for the location banners for Battle of the Birds, however, no location banners ever display in the chapter, likely due to the design of the banner being outdated and not fitting the whole theme of the chapter.

TowerOfGods = The Tower of Gods

A name found in the "Mountains" location of the file, the area where all of Alpine Skyline's areas are named. Habboi has said that 'The Tower of Gods' was the original name for the starting area of Alpine Skyline, the area that you can only experience once per save file. It was scrapped by Jonas for unknown reasons. The name of the music track that plays in that area of Alpine Skyline is called 'Tower of the Goats', further concreting this information. This text no longer exists in the current final game.

WillsTower = The Big Windmill

Another unused Alpine Skyline name, this one still being in the current final game. Will refers to Habboi, as his name is William. The Windmill in the final game is simply named "The Windmill", leaving this alternate name unused.

Oasis = Oasis

The final unused Mountain name, with this one having been removed from the current final game. And what an odd case it is. The Oasis was a location designed and implemented for Sand 'n Sails, not Alpine Skyline. It's possible this was a leftover from Sand 'n Sails, but the names of the areas for Sand 'n Sails were stored in a separate localization file, so it wouldn't make sense for it to be manually placed into this area of the file, an area clearly intended for Alpine Skyline only.


[bookstore]exit0 = Thank you![chapter1]freed_civ0 = You're free!freed_civ1 = All clear!freed_civ2 = Suckers!decline_offer0 = You suck!decline_offer1 = Bah!decline_offer2 = Nu-uh!hi_five0 = Yeah!!

An unused and now-removed localization file. The line intended for the bookstore is probably referring to the Time's End sequence in the Alphas and Betas, however, this line is spoken by Hat Adult, not Hat Kid, and furthermore, Hat Adult says "Thanks! See you tomorrow!". This goes unused regardless, as the bookstore was scrapped and doesn't appear in the final at all. The remaining lines are interesting, in that some of them are things Hat Kid says during certain context in-game, but there's never a text bubble displayed when she does so. She also never says "Suckers!", "You suck!", "Bah!", "Nu-uh!" or "Yeah!!". She does speak the first one when defeating all the mafia bullying a coffee clerk in Mafia Town, however.


teleport0 = What? Where am I?!teleport1 = Hey, it's that girl!teleport2 = What's going on?!

Unused text that is no longer present in the current final game, and is leftover from the Prototypes. The Mafia were apparently meant to be able to be teleported, with them wondering what happened.


[milkman]intro0 = Look around you. See how strong and full of energy Mafia is? All thanks to milkman.intro1 = Without milk two times a day, Mafia is nothing.intro2 = Milk already delivered for today, but Mafia will need milk delivered later tonight.intro3 = Come see me tonight and we can deliver milk.

Text leftover from the Beta. The mafia milkman had an entire section dedicated to his dialogue. The milkman is no present in the final game anymore, so his text and dialogue go unused. This text has since been removed from the final game.

[chapter1bullying]scream0 = Eat dirt!scream1 = Bow to Mafia!scream2 = Ha ha!scream3 = Take this! And this!scream4 = Take this! And that!scream5 = Feel the pain? Good!scream6 = Mafia just help you build character!

Text for the dialogue the Mafia speak when bullying the coffee clerks in Mafia Town. They speak their lines out-loud without any text balloons appearing, thus these go unused. They're still in the current final game.

balloon_intro0 = This shop? Not open.balloon_intro1 = Shop only purchase rare ancient items, and no one seen rare items in years.balloon_intro2 = Ancient riddle says: "When balloons invented, look out for [clue]balloon in sky[/clue]."balloon_intro3 = But riddle too complicated for Mafia to understand.balloon_intro4 = If little child with hat see ancient balloon? Come here.balloon_gotone0 = Wait, child has tablet? No way!balloon_gotone1 = It is said in ancient history: [clue]six tablets[/clue] needed for ancient magic.balloon_gotone2 = Child come back when child have six, and Mafia combine tablets for child.trade_ties_intro0 = Hey child.trade_ties_intro1 = You look like smart girl. Real clever.trade_ties_intro2 = Are you clever?trade_ties_intro_yes = The cleverest!trade_ties_intro_no = Not in particular!trade_ties_intro_a0 = Of course you are. Mafia can see it in eyes. You more clever than normal people.trade_ties_intro_b0 = Maybe Mafia misjudged child. Maybe you not sharpest fish in freezer. But can change.trade_ties_intro3 = Mafia sell ties. But also buy ties. You understand?trade_ties_intro4 = Sell man a tie and he looks fine. Fine man don't buy ties.trade_ties_intro5 = Man needs to lose tie to keep buying. But how tie disappear? Mafia not ask questions. You understand?trade_ties_intro6 = Mafia buy ties from you. You give Mafia ties from fine man. Fine man comes back.trade_ties_intro7 = You understand now, yes? You smart. Bring me [name]Mafia Ties[/name] and [clue]in return you get item[/clue].trade_ties_sale0 = Hey child. You came with ties, yes?trade_ties_sale1 = Welcome back. You brought Mafia ties?trade_ties_sale_noitem0 = Item for trade: No item. Out of stock.trade_ties_sale_noitem1 = Mafia blame economy. Come back later and Mafia have item.trade_ties_sale_badgepart0 = Item for trade: Badge part. Combine all to put on hat. Is cute.trade_ties_sale_badgepart1 = Mafia not sure what combined badge do. Mafia not nosy, none of Mafia business.

Text found in the "bazaar" section of the file, leftover from the Beta. These Mafia NPCs are not in Mafia Town anymore, and their mechanics have been deprecated or removed. All of this text has long since been removed from the final game.

[muchase]MuTower0 = Hey! Little girl! You suck!MuTower1 = Come down here! We can throw you into river again! [wave]Ha ha ha[/wave]!run_by0 = Hey! Watch where you going.

An unused section that's long since been removed from the final game. There's no sequence in Mafia Town that has the Mafia chasing after Mustache Girl.

[chapter1act4]intro0 = Weren't us, bub. We ain't done nothin'.intro1 = All we did was dump stuff into the water, boss orders. Said it cooled down the mountain.intro2 = But now that we aren't allowed in there no mo', we can't dump our stuff.beach1 = I tell you what, it's kinda nice here with the heat.beach2 = It's too bad about the beach being covered in boiling lava, though...sign0 = Now that we no longer work for boss, we got new job now.sign1 = We weather forecast. Today's weather: bad. Too warm. End of world? More at 11.sign2 = People want news in one word. People no time for small talk.sign3 = My bro running faulty business, he use two words. Too much.kickbad0 = Kicking us outta business was a bad move, child. This town needs a bully or everyone is too nice!kickbad1 = Ya know what a nice town wouldda be? Boring. No spice in the pasta.magic0 = This only water in town, and my magic illusion make it untouchable! What have I done!magic2 = Who knew that my weakness would be my own abilities!magic1 = [scream]NOOOOoooooo....[/scream]chef0 = Volcano lava good source for cooking!

Text leftover from the Prototypes, used in Lava Mafia Town. Obviously not used in the final game anymore, and has long since been removed.

[sell_decoration]intro0 = Little child! You! Yes, you! You want to give Mafia money, yes? Of course you do!intro1 = Mafia need money... fast! You got money? You buy Mafia's dearest belonging.intro2 = Mafia dearest belong is... uh... [name]burger cushion[/name]! Yes, finest [name]burger cushion[/name] in town! intro3 = So please buy, or Mafia may be having bath time with little fishies.deny0 = Why, why not buy from Mafia!? Mafia really need money, please buy!!retry0 = Please buy! Please buy! Mafia really need money!!accept0 = Thank you! Mafia will spend money carefully. At secret gamble room.

An unused section of the file that has since been removed from the final game. It seems this was the original way the player would obtain the part of the burger cushion relic, before Cooking Cat gives it to you on the spaceship.

The Mafia have a copy of Conductor's line for being brushed off the spaceship at the end of the game.


[cafe]cafe0 = ... and the lass drops us back down, just like that! Without so much as a goodbye.cafe1 = We *were* hanging onto her spaceship, darling. Though that was... quite the fall.cafe2 = Very long fall. Land straight in the water. Mafia hate this - none of us are good swimmers.cafe3 = What a view, though! You could see every inch of our world from up there...cafe4 = ...cafe5 = So, are we splitting the bill, or...?cafe6 = You know, that kid had quite the bill racked up when I first met her. I'm not sure how such a little thing could get in so much trouble!cafe7 = Child did cause lots of trouble at first, that is true. Other, hooded, child was clearly bad influence.cafe8 = Alright, I'm glad you all got along well. Now, the formality of the bi-cafe9 = Got along well? She basically killed me! I'm a jar now!cafe10 = But she did turn off lava faucets. Mafia Town warm and welcoming now, not just hot mess.cafe11 = And I daresay she made even your silly action movies look good, [name]Conductor[/name].cafe12 = Quite the little hero after all! I just hope she's getting some rest, wherever she is...

A script for the unused cafe scene shown on the main page.


[umbrella]umbrella_back0 = You got your [name]trusty umbrella[/name] back![br]Use it to whack anyone who gives you sass!umbrella_back1 = Press [button:attack] to attack!

An entire unused section of the file, leftover from the Alpha. In the final game, you get the umbrella from a Mafia, and it's not technically *yours*.


[timsfriend]linecounter0=One Line!linecounter1=One Line![br]Two lines!option0=Option Aoption1=Option B[mafia]mumbletest=Eekum I am a mafia blah blah bleh!

Standard Mafia dialogue.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Diary Entries

Hat Kid's diary can be found in her bedroom by using the Ice Hat on the pile of pillows. Since both the Ice Hat and the first few Time Pieces are required to access this area, these diary entries are rendered inaccessible:

chapter1_tutorial_0 = So... I am stranded. A Mafia in an apron and suit knocked on my door, and decided to mess everything up.chapter1_tutorial_1 = Apparently they're "Mafia Cooks". Why couldn't I have gotten stranded near a normal planet?

An entry for the prologue and Chapter 1, Act 1.

chapter1_barrelboss_0 = I'm not super sure what that was supposed to be? Some big loser stood around and threw barrels at me!chatper1_barrelboss_1 = Some even had spikes on! Who has spiked barrels????

An entry for Chapter 1, Act 2.

chapter1_cannon_repair_0 = Wow. And I thought the regular Mafia were weirdos.chapter1_cannon_repair_1 = At least he had a [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Piece[/timepiece] I could take! How do they keep finding these things...

An entry for Chapter 1, Act 3. Note that the words "Time Piece" are rendered with an icon and colorization.

One more is very difficult to see in-game, because you need to save and exit from Dead Bird Studios after getting the Ice Hat then get three more Time Pieces from Time Rifts:

chapter1_boss_0 = No wonder these guys are so dumb if that's who they put in charge!chapter1_boss_1 = I guess nobody is the boss now though... whoops.

An entry for Chapter 1, Act 4.

NoEntry0 = I have no idea how to even describe what happened today.NoEntry1 = I'll probably just leave this diary entry blank, sorry future me!

A generic diary message. This used to be used in place of the entry for the finale, but the finale entry was fixed at some point to show properly, rendering this entry unused.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cruise_Sinking_2 = Maybe sinking cruise ships isn't even illegal on this planet?

A third line for the Rock The Boat entry. It never displays because all diary entries are set to be two lines long each.


[alpha_warnings]alpha0 = Thank you so much for participating in the first [name]A HAT IN TIME 2017 SPEEDRUNNING EVENT[/name]! Keep in mind this preview is all about going fast, no time to stop and smell the flowers!alpha1 = So if you'd like your first impression of [name]A Hat in Time[/name] to be an experience at your own pace, feel free to sit this one out! It's OK, the full game releases [hint]October 5th[/hint]!alpha2 = Make sure to record your run, and upload it to [name]speedrun.com[/name]. Good luck!![br]- [name]Gears for Breakfast[/name]

An entire area of the file with text leftover from the Speedrun Builds. Obviously unused in the final game, and was removed in the October 3 2022 update for the game.

Loadout_Swap_Mask = Select a Mask!

Text found in the "Loadout" section of the file, implying that Hat Kid was once able to obtain multiple different masks aside from the Dweller Mask. This text has long since been removed from the final game.

Loadout_Swap_Ability = Select an Ability!

More unused Loadout text that isn't present anymore in the final. This is not referring to swapping Hats, as there is separate text for that in the localization file.

Loadout_AbilityActivation_Trigger = ActivateLoadout_AbilityActivation_Jump = JumpLoadout_AbilityActivation_Automatic = AutomaticLoadout_AbilityActivation_Attack = AttackLoadout_AbilityActivation_Weapon = Weapon

Text leftover from the Beta regarding the different Badge types and how they were activated. Since Badges no longer use this system in the final game, all text regarding it goes unused. This text is still present in the current final game.

[DecorationMap]DecorationMap_NoMarkers = No Nearby Relics

A now-unused section of the file, originally used by the Relic Finder Badge before DLC 1 released when there were no more goodies to find in a level. As the Badge was overhauled in coding and design, this text, still present in the final game, now goes unused.

Bill_Started_Fire = Aggravated Arson

Found within the types of billings you can get at Dead Bird Studio, one thing you cannot be billed for is setting something on fire. This text still exists in the current final game.

[PlayTesting]PlayTestRate_0 = Please rate what you just played!PlayTestRate_1 = Very good!PlayTestRate_2 = It was decent.PlayTestRate_3 = Meh...PlayTestRate_4 = Not too good!

A section of the file added sometime after the release of the game, but was always present in the game as the way Gears for Breakfast playtested their levels with their playtesters. It simply was removed from localization at launch, and was accidentally added back in sometime after. This text is still present in the current final game, and can be used if Playtesting Mode is forcibly set to be active. A text box will appear after you collect a Time Piece with these text lines. You can choose your opinion of the level, but it doesn't seem to do anything, and isn't programmed to send your data anywhere.

PrizeBadge = New BadgePrizeBadgeFlair = Badge Flair

Text found in the "TimeRiftRoulette" section of the file. This text refers to the removed Badge Flair system, of which there are several leftovers of in the Modding Tools. Badges originally had flairs like Hats do in the final game, and according to Aruki, a developer and playtester of the game, the flairs for the Badges served no purpose. They only looked cool, as he described it. Models and textures for these Badge rarities are present in the Modding Tools. Strangely, this text isn't present in the initial release, and was added after release, although it could've existed prior to release and was accidentally added back in, much like the playtesting text above.

Debug = DEBUG Complete/Wipe

Found in the "DeathWishMap" section of the file is text that was used during the development of DLC 1 to test the Death Wish Mode. Obviously goes unused in the current final game.

DLC2Title = DLC 2BingoMode = Bingo Mode

Unused text added when DLC 1 was released. "DLC 2" was obviously placeholder, and was properly replaced with 'Nyakuza Metro' when DLC 2 released. Bingo Mode is leftover text for the scrapped Bingo Mode that was partially made during DLC 1's development. The text for Bingo Mode was removed in the December 4 2018 update for the game.


[timepiece9]empress_tp9_0 = Nine. Well done.empress_tp9_1 = Each of these is worth more than most would earn in a lifetime.empress_tp9_2 = As for you... well, you're more than most. Here is your cut.empress_tp9_3 = Well? Back to work, then. 

An unused section of the file for a ninth Time Piece after the initial one you collect in Nyakuza Metro. There are only 8 Time Pieces to get after Empress "hires" you, so this text goes unused. It is voiced, and the voices can be found, you guessed it, in the Modding Tools. It's still in the current final game.

empress_dir_nothing = Hm? Are you lost, little girl? I'm afraid I don't have anything for you.

A conversation with Empress that occurs if the player enters her jewelry shop before obtaining the first Time Piece in the metro. This is normally impossible, as the doors to her shop are closed until the player does so. However, there are obscure methods to leave the main station area and go collect a Time Piece before obtaining the one in Main Station. If the player then talks to Empress again after the cutscenes that play afterwards, she will speak this dialogue. It's incredibly unlikely that any casual player will encounter this on a normal playthrough of the game.

empress_dir_blueM = I hope you're not claustrophobic. Bluefin again, but look for a manhole this time.

An unused direction hint in the localization file, referencing a manhole in Bluefin Tunnels! This would've been the 9th Time Piece the above localization refers to. In the final game, there is no manhole for Bluefin. This line is voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools.

empress_dir_pinkM2 = There's a second tunnel in Pink Paw. Search the place.

An odd bit of text, this. It's another one of Empress's guidance tips for finding the Time Pieces, but she directs you to Pink Paw Station. This line exists alongside the normal Pink Paw Station tip as well as the manhole tip, which could indicate there was a third Time Piece in Pink Paw. Or it could just be an early version of the manhole tip. Either way, it's voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools.


[murder]MurderPlaceholder0 = You have just found out that someone on this train was murdered... and the murderer is in this room!MurderPlaceholder1 = Time to scoop him out! Use your magnifying glass to color suspects.MurdererSelect = Are you sure this is the murderer?MurdererSelect_yes = Yes! Lock him up!MurdererSelect_no = No...

An unused and now-removed localization file that was accidentally added back into the game in the September 29 2018 update. The text itself is leftover from the Beta.


[combat_part1][combat_part2]learn0 = The problem with all the enemies in this world is that they never learn! Never!learn1 = There are thousands of Mafia, but they all do the exact same attack! Every single one of them!learn2 = I, on the other hand, know everything about you! Everything you've gone through!learn3 = No attack will come as a surprise! Bring it on, I'm ready!!intro0 = Aha!! Let me take care of this little thing for you!intro1 = Oh what's that? You want it back? Hahahaha!!intro2 = You're nothing without this thing! Give up!

An unused localization file that contains very old leftover text, from around the Prototypes. This localization file is no longer present in the current final game.

mustachegirl.int (2nd One)

tower_wrong_jump = Your standard jump isn't going to cut it. You'll need to double that jump!

An unused hint for the jumping tutorial at the start of the game in Mafia Town. This line is a very old leftover, stemming from the Alpha, albeit being unused there, too. This line is voiced, and the voice can be found in the Modding Tools. This text has since been removed from the game.

thrown0 = Argh!thrown1 = No, don't throw meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....!

Two lines of text meant to play during Barrel Battle's fight. According to the lines, the Mafia holding Mustache Girl would've thrown her far away before he started throwing barrels at you, but in all builds that contain Barrel Battle, just spins and Mustache Girl is gone by the time he's done. These lines are voiced, and the voices can be found in the Modding Tools. This text has since been removed from the final game.

hifive0 = Yeah!!

When giving Mustache Girl a high-five after Barrel Battle, she was apparently originally meant to say "Yeah!!". This line is not voiced(?), and this text has since been removed from the game. Note: Hat Kid also has this exact line in her localization file, mentioned above.

[MuMission_UI]intro0 = Now it's my turn!intro1 = Here we go!intro2 = Enough about her, let's talk about me!intro3 = My time to shine!

An entire unused section of the file, with text intended to be displayed when a Mustache Girl Mission began. Only two of these lines are voiced: "Here we go!" and "Now it's my turn!". The first one is used in the final game when the only Mustache Girl Mission begins, while the second one can be found in the Modding Tools. No text appears on-screen when she speaks at the start of the mission, thus rendering all of this text unused. There were originally meant to be far more Mustache Girl Missions in the game, but were cut due to time constraints. One of them still exists in the final game, albeit incomplete and normally innaccesible (The one in Subcon, shown below). All of this text has long since been removed from the final game.

vault1 = Ughn....!timepiece_break0 = Blam!timepiece_break1 = Bam!timepiece_break2 = Boom!timepiece_break3 = Blammo!timepiece_break4 = Looks like things are starting to go a lil' bit crazy!timepiece_break5 = More! More!timepiece_break6 = Here we go!! Turn this disgusting planet into a place suitable for ME!!!!doorblocked0 = Dang, can't go in here!doorblocked1 = Oh, this one is locked. Face-recognition, maybe?

Plenty of unused text intended for the Mustache Girl Mission aboard the spaceship. These lines implicate a much longer cutscene than the one in the final game. There are also lines for Mustache Girl checking out some of the doors, only to find out they're locked. Most of these lines are voiced, and the voices can be found in the Modding Tools. Only timepiece_break4, timepiece_break5, timepiece_break6, and doorblocked0 aren't voiced. All of this text has since been removed from the final game.

intro0 = Ugh, travelling is a lot harder when you don't have a spaceship to fly around in.intro1 = I bet the hat kid hasn't been here yet, though! I'll snatch all the [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece] before she gets here!intro2 = Now... where to find some [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece]?
noose0_no = Why hello there. You look... new around here.noose1_mu = Wow, you're a creep, did anyone ever tell you that?noose2_mu = Go "hang" out somewhere else. Get it?noose3_mu = ... why am I talking to a noose.noose_neck0_no = I would be honored to be the one who sequeezes the life out of you.noose_neck1_mu = You nooses need to get out more. Ever heard of Mafia Town? I hear that's a great vacation spot.noose_neck2_mu = Send me a postcard if you strangle anyone on your trip!
snatcher0_sn = FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!snatcher1_mu = Are you for real? This is so cliche.snatcher2_sn = YOU STEPPED IN- I'm sorry, what now?snatcher3_mu = I've seen this done a million times on TV. This isn't even close to original.snatcher4_sn = Wow, okay. Not only do you intrude on my domain, but you also insult it.snatcher5_sn = Do you even know what I do with small children? I eat them for lunch.snatcher6_mu = Alright, whatever. Do your thing! I'm just here to snatch some [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece].snatcher7_sn = Okay, EXCUSE ME. If anyone is snatching anything, it's me!snatcher8_sn = My name is literally the Snatcher, and you, young lady, are not taking anything that belongs to me.snatcher9_mu = What are you gonna do about it?snatcher10_mu = Lemme guess, you're gonna make a deal with me that favors you way more than it favors me?snatcher11_sn = ...snatcher12_sn = NO. I have, uhm, something much cooler planned for you!snatcher13_mu = Spit it out, what is it?snatcher14_sn = It's, uhh...snatcher15_sn = ...snatcher16_sn = Okay fine, I was gonna make you sign a contract.snatcher17_mu = Amazing. Can I go?snatcher18_sn = ...snatcher19_sn = Get out of my forest.// Snatcher picks up Mu Girl by her capesnatcher20_mu = Wha?! Hey!// He throws her far awaysnatcher21_sn = Children these days.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

The Subcon Mustache Girl Mission, as mentioned above. All of this text has since been removed from the final game, and none of it was ever known to be voiced.

slap0_alt = [scream]PATHETIC![/scream]

An alternate line for when you get slapped just before the final boss starts. She simply never says this, and it most likely isn't voiced. This text is still present in the current final game.


[weapon_upgrades]Hookshot0 = You got the [name]HOOKSHOT UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] near a hook point to swing!pogo0 = You got the [name]POGO UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] in the air to ground pound!pogo1 = Keep holding [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] to bounce around and avoid harmful stuff on the floor!

A now-removed localization file that was accidentally added in after the release of the game, on September 29 2018. The text itself is leftover from the Prototypes, with the scrapped Pogo ability being mentioned.


mom_breakfast0 = Mother keeps insisting I be "proper". A young lady can do what she wants!mom_breakfast1 = Just this morning I had two cookies for breakfast. That will show her. I might even have a third.

Found in the "diaries" section, these were used in the Beta, but were replaced by a different line in the final game.


[SandIslands]starting_village = Starting Villagedifficult_dive_island = Difficult Dive Resortoasis = Oasis Resortbig_tower = Big Tower Resortwedding_cake = Warm Wedding Cakewills_tower = Pumping Pumpkin Factory

An unused and now-removed localization file, which reveals the names of the levels from Sand 'n Sails! This was accidentally included in the first update build for the game released on September 29 2018, but was removed shortly after a few more updates. The 'Starting Village' is almost definitely the village that the player started the level from, and is most likely the village that can be seen in almost all of the screenshots and footage of Sand 'n Sails. The 'Difficult Dive Resort' has not known to be seen in any screenshots or footage of the level, and it's unknown what the level or area would've been like. The Oasis can be seen in a screenshot provided by Aruki, revealing that it did not have its own map and was a part of the 'globaldesert' map used as the base for entire desert. The 'Big Tower Resort' is most likely referring to the long, spiraling tower seen in some footage of Pumping Pumpkin Factory provided by Habboi, where it was way off in the distance, far past the Lava Cake and the factory. The Warm Wedding Cake was an early name for the Lava Cake. Even its map file in the final game, 'island_weddingcake', still uses the early name. Pumping Pumpkin Factory is self-explanatory, and can be seen in its entirety in Habboi's playthrough of the level. Curiously, the original version of the Birdhouse, which was confirmed by Aruki to be in the level during development, is not present in this list.


[murder]reveal0 = OH. MY. GOD. I'm totally busted! How EMBARRASSING!reveal1 = Wanna hear a story? When I was in kindergarten, I knew a girl who looked just like you...reveal2 = And whenever I would talk to her, she would yell...reveal3 = [big][scream]THE MURDERER'S IN HERE!![/scream][/big]

An unused and now-removed localization file, leftover from the Beta version of Murder on the Owl Express, known as Murder on the Science Express. Shapeshifter was originally intended to be the main villian of the act, and this text is the only known text the creature ever got.


fishdude2 = Oh, hey dudette. I was just chilling, you know, and I noticed all this broken glass around. Weird, right?fishdude3 = ... It belongs to you? Ah, cool, cool. Broken glass would like, totally violate code 1.3a of the maritime safety order, but if it's yours that's like, no big deal.fishdude4 = Now this corridor on the other hand, woah. Really sinking my calm vibe, you know?

Found in the "internal" section of the localization file. It's an alternate sequence of Fish Dude's conversion near the casino and captain's room. It's not voiced.

desksealA10 = Hi! How can I hewp you?desksealA11 = Youw looking fow something that looks like [icon:timepiece]?desksealA12 = Hmmm... whewe have I seen that...desksealA13 = Thinking vewy hawd...desksealA14 = Oh! I wemember! We bwoke one of those and hid it fwom the Captain! He wouldn't be happy if he knew we made a mess.desksealA15 = We twied to cwean it up, but. Um. We didn't do a vewy good job... and we wost some of the pieces...desksealA16 = I'm vewy sowwy, miss! Pwease don't be upset!

An slightly alternate conversation for the conversation with the Seals at the lobby desk. On the fifth line, it reads "vewy happy". On the next line, in the final, there's a "Hm" after the "Um".

conductor0 = Hmm... get me a Sinking Ship, oan the rocks. And make the good part a double.conductor1 = Oh, I didn't notice yer there, lassy. Out roamin', are we?conductor2 = If yer after a drink, I think they might have some wee bottles of juice. conductor3 = Yer a capable one, sure, but what I'm having isnae for young lasses.

The conversation the player can have with the Conductor after beginning the search for the Time Piece shards. The only difference is the first line, where he says "Heyy" instead of "Hmm".

seals0 = Hewwo, miss! We hope you like the ship! We wowk hawd to keep it cwean and tidy.

Another minor change to the line. In the final, they work "vewy" hard to keep it clean.

seals5 = Hewwo! The captwain said you could take somethwing. Thewe's somethwing vewy shiny in thewe today!

A completely unused line, of which the voice for it can be found in the Modding Tools. This was apparently meant to be spoke by one of the Seals at the lobby desk, but they simply don't say it.

deckshard1 = Looks like one of the missing shards was in someone's drink!

An alternate line for the message about discovering the Time Piece shard in the drinks at the pool.

leftshard3 = Thank you miss! I fwound this shiny gwass, but it's all youws!

An alternate version of the line for the Seal that you must carry to the Captain's room. The only part of it that's really the same as the final is the last sentence. In the older version, it doesn't tell you that he 'feew bettew aweady'.

bathroom0 = Sowwy! I cwashed a food cart and spiwled the drinks, so this bathwoom is cwosed wight now!

One word was changed in the last part. "This" became "the". The change actually makes sense, as according to a nearby Penguin NPC, there's only one bathroom on the ship, so it wouldn't make sense for the Seal to explicitly say that this bathroom is closed, as if implying there's more than one.

seals4 = The Captain is vewy messy. But he wowks vewy hawd steewing the ship!seals5 = We wove him wots and wots!

Two completely unused lines, intended for Ship Shape. The voiced lines can be found in the Modding Tools.

penguins1 = The boss wanted to be here, but when he heard the [icon:conductor][name]Conductor[/name] is here he decided to focus on his next movie instead.

Found in the "docks" section of the file. It's a slightly earlier version of the existing line, with the only different being that it doesn't use the DJ Grooves icon face next to "boss", and "boss" isn't highlighted in red.

fishdude0 = Hey there, dude. Dudette, I mean. I'm like, ready for a nice cruise, aren't you? [br]Hopefully there's nothing fishy about this ship, y'know.fishdude1 = Not that it being ship-shape is my concern, or anything. I'm just on vacation, like everyone else.

An earlier version of the initial conversation that the player can have with Fish Dude at the docks. The second line is completely different.

loudspeaker0 = Hewwo! The captwain has a messa-loudspeaker1 = Hand me that microphone! [scream]Who's at the wheel?![/scream]loudspeaker2 = [big][scream]We're headed straight for an iceberg! [br]All hands on deck![/scream][/big]

The conversation when the player messes with the steering wheel in Act 3. The only difference is the last line, which is displayed in big text rather than normal-sized text.

start0 = It's all going down, pup. I never thought I'd see the day.start1 = Her maiden voyage, too. Won't take more than a few minutes for all of this to hit the sea floor, I think.start2 = Do me a favour, pup. Make sure everyone gets to the boats.

The conversation the player has with the Captain when the ship first starts sinking. The only different line is the last one, which tells the player to help the passengers get to lifeboats, instead of only telling the player to get to one themselves. Given that the player has to rescue all the passengers to beat the level, the Act actually follows the narrative of the early line more than the final's.

loudspeaker3 = Make sure those lifeboats are full! And don't bother waiting...loudspeaker4 = A good captain goes down with their ship.

An early version of the short conversation that plays just before the player has to go rescue the Captain. It continues along with the previous early line about helping everyone reach lifeboats, but is otherwise the same idea, just with different wording and tone.

captain0 = Well, pup. I guess I owe you a thanks. captain1 = I'm not sure which of these little mischief-makers thought they could take a turn steering, but you got everyone to safety.captain2 = Hopefully our insurance covers this...captain3 = Anyway, I can't give out refunds, but I found this is some of the broken ice. captain4 = You seem pretty interested in them, so it's all yours, pup.

An early version of the conversation with the Captain after rescuing him, and the only bit of his early lines for Act 3 that have voice acting, albeit only in the Modding Tools. And the only line to have voice acting is the first one. The second line again follows the original narrative of him telling you to help everyone to lifeboats, whereas in the final he admits that without him, they'd never get to shore.

conductor0 = Now hold yer horses! We can't be going anywhere without the little lass!conductor1 = [scream]Get over here, lassie! We're leavin'![/scream]

Early lines for the conversation that plays when Hat Kid reaches the Captain while trying to save him. The message is overall the same, but worded very differently.

kitchenseals3 = It's vewy hawd to weach up these counters! Maybe we should have got smawwew ones...

Found in the "fluff" section of the file. A single word was changed: "got" became "gotten" in the final.

familycrow0 = I have family in [Destination]. I am very glad that is where we are going.familycrow1 = It is why I got on this cruise, of course.

An early version of one of the Crow's conversations. The final adds "this" in between "that" and "is" in the first line.

penguins0 = I tried to get the boss to tell us about his next movie before we left, but he's tight-lipped about it.

"Boss" isn't highlighted in red and is missing the DJ Grooves icon. It also says "tight-lipped" instead of "tight-beaked".

fishdude0 = Hey, dudette. What's up? I'm just checking out this, like, totally busted railing. It's like, wicked unsafe, you know?fishdude1 = Someone should write this up. Not me though, obviously. 

More completely unused dialogue for Fish Dude. None of this is voiced, and it's unknown where he would be on the ship when he said this.

restowl0 = I hope they don't burn the food. I'm not a chef, but I'm pretty sure that's not a normal amount of fire.restpenguin0 = The service here is terible, kid. I'd pick somewhere else to eat if I were you.

Two completely unused lines about an Express Owl and a Penguin complaining about the kitchen. These lines are voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools.

owls0 = I'm thinking of quitting the movie business. The [name]Conductor's[/name] movies are always just action - where's the drama? Where's the artistry?

The only difference between this line and the used version is it missing the Conductor icon next to his name.

owls5 = The [name]Conductor's[/name] grandkids are a... bit of a handful, huh? I'm glad it isn't my job to keep an eye on them.

A completely unused line, the voice for which can be found in the Modding Tools.

kitchenbubbleseal0 = We have an owder fow the deck! Take the ewevatow!kitchenbubbleseal1 = That ones fow poowside, ma'am!kitchenbubbleseal2 = This ones fow the dining woom!kitchenbubbleseal3 = Take that one to the dining woom, pwease!kitchenbubbleseal4 = Woom sewvice! Take it up the bawcony!kitchenbubbleseal5 = We have a woom sewvice owdew!kitchenbubbleseal6 = Stawboawd! Uh, that's the wight side miss!kitchenbubbleseal7 = Ship side! Stwaight out that door!

Now here's something interesting. These are lines, all of which are voiced, unused in the final game, that direct the player around the ship! The only things like this in the final are the guidance arrows that try to direct the player to the closest task, and the HUD icons that appear to try and tell the player where the tasks are located on the ship. Copies of these lines exist in seals_ship.int.

deskseals0 = Hewwo! If you want a wefund, I'm suppwosed to say we don't give them! deskseals1 = But that's mean! Wefunds for evewyone, hooway!

Apparently the Seals aren't supposed to give refunds, but as if they care. These lines are voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools. Copies of these lines can also be found in seals_ship.int.

alpinewanderer0 = It's good to be travelling again! Though the view here is not quite as nice as the one in the Alps.

An alternate to one of the Nomad's lines, the final excludes "one in the" at the end.


leaflets0 = It's a bunch of leaflets for ritzy spa treatments! They're not covered in your ticket price, though.

Found in the "fluff" section of the file. It's unknown where this message would've appeared.


owls5 = The [icon:conductor][name]Conductor's[/name] grandkids are a... bit of a handful, huh? I'm glad it isn't my job to keep an eye on them.

The same unused line from ship_docks.int, but with an added Conductor icon next to his name. Yay!


tourist0 = Kinda hoping we pass close by an island or something soon. I need something to take pictures of!

The only unused line for the Tourist, and the only line in the "fluff" section of his localization file. The line is voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools.


carried4 = Let me go down with the ship!carried5 = Just let me drown, pup!

Two unused lines meant for when you're carrying him to safety in Act 3. He simply never speaks these, likely because there isn't enough time during the countdown sequence for him to get to these lines. They are voiced, and can only be found in the Modding Tools.


[manor]intro0 = [shake2]Hey hey now! No reason to throw a fist at your old buddy, [wave]ha ha ha ha[/wave]![/shake2]intro1 = [shake2]What are you doing up here? Don't you know she'll go mental if she catches you?[/shake2]intro2 = [shake2]What, me? Just looking for some dirt on my old friend [name]the Moonjumper[/name][/shake2].intro3 = [shake2]Poor fellow, doesn't even know he used to live here! Eeeeevery time I bring him something from this place, he almost wets his bed in fear, [wave]HA HA HA!![/wave][/shake2]intro4 = [shake2][name]Subcon Forest[/name] isn't big enough for the two of us, you know. And now you, a little girl, are trying to enter the fight for the forest as well? My my, that won't do.[/shake2]intro5 = [shake2]You need to go up, or else she'll come up here and find you, right? I guess it would be a terrible misfortune if [hint]the key disappeared[/hint], [wave]ha ha ha[/wave]![/shake2]chase0 = [shake2][wave]Ha ha ha![/wave] It's mine![/shake2]chase1 = [shake2]What are you gonna do? Don't you know, you can't [hint]hurt a shadow[/hint]![/shake2]givekey0 = [shake2]You want the key? Take it, it's yours![/shake2]givekey1 = [shake2]I don't need it anyway... and you won't be needing it either when she catches you! [wave]HA HA HA![/wave][/shake2]enter_manor_hascontract0 = [shake2]Heeeeeeey buddy! Remember our contract, no abilities when inside![/shake2]enter_manor_hascontract1 = [shake2]There's some... stuff... inside that I don't want you to mess around with! Remember your contractual obligations![/shake2]

An entire unused section of the file and has all long since been removed from the final game. Most of this text is leftover from the Alphas and Betas, being Snatcher's text for the scrapped 3rd floor of Queen Vanessa's Manor, however, there is some unique text at the end of it, with it seeming to suggest that Snatcher was originally the one who appeared in the basem*nt to remind you not to use any Hat Abilities while inside instead of one of his minions. Actually, there's an unused mode of the Actor that summons Snatcher for contract events that was intended for Vanessa's Manor! Activating it will trigger Snatcher appearing like he does at Subcon Village, and he will say this text. Sadly, none of this text is known to have been voiced.

contract_disagree4 = [shake2]Goodbye! I mean, goodbye to your aware self! I'll be saying hello to your hollow corpse once you're gone![/shake2]

A single unused line found along the dialogue for when you refuse to sign the initial contract with Snatcher. This was meant to be the last line played when he decides to kill you after rejecting his contract enough times, but it's never used in the sequence, nor does it have any voiced line. It's still in the current final game.

contract_agree5 = [shake2]Goodbye! Take care! Don't die on me![/shake2]

Much like the line above, this was meant to be the last line said when agreeing to the contract. He would've said this after talking about being able to look at your contract in the pause menu. It's not voiced, but it's still in the current final game.

home_question0_contract = Turn in contract

A dialogue choice that is a leftover of an unused contract turn-in system. Originally, when you completed a contract, you'd need to go turn it in to Snatcher, who would then give you some rewards, like Badges or Yarn. In the final, you do nothing of the sort. This text still exists in the current final game.

Cherry0 = [shake2]Oh no![/shake2]Cherry1 = [shake2]I totally just dropped[br]this cherry bomb![/shake2]Cherry2 = [shake2]... NOT.[/shake2]Cherry3 = [shake2]You think I'm stupid enough[br]to give you BOMBS?[/shake2]

Unused text that has since been removed from the final game. This was found around other boss dialogue, and is meant for an unused mechanic in the Snatcher boss fight where he'd try to trick you into picking up a lit cherry bomb to try and throw at him, much like you do in the Toilet of Doom fight. However, the cherry bomb is a trap, and would immediately explode upon you picking it up. These lines are all voiced, and can be found in the Modding Tools.

Snatcher has a copy of the line Conductor has for being brushed off the spaceship at the end of the game.


snatcher5 = [shake2]This looks like it's getting loaded onboard, right? Right, kid?[/shake2]

The only unused line Snatcher has for The Arctic Cruise is this one, intended to be played as the last line after talking to him on the docks. ...But it doesn't appear, otherwise it wouldn't be documented here, huh? It's voiced, can be found in the Modding Tools, and it's still in the current final game.


BirdHurt6 = [shake2]You know you don't need to do that, right kid? This isn't one of those games that tries to make you feel bad.[/shake2]

A line intended for the Bird Sanctuary Death Wish, when the player dies from a bird dying. It is voiced, and the line can be found in the Modding Tools.

[CruiseWorkingHard]Intro0 = [shake2]Those seals are accident-prone, and incapable of performing the most basic tasks... and yet, they'd still be better at this than you.[/shake2]Intro1 = [shake2]This captain guy is great! His dead eyes and musty smell reminds me of home.[/shake2]Intro2 = [shake2]Did you know this cruise ship has a strict policy against stealing souls? It's ridiculous. I should sue![/shake2]Intro3 = [shake2]Whoops! I just accidentally ordered a hundred drinks. And how did those babies get loose? [wave]Clumsy me![/wave][/shake2]

An entire unused section dedicated to the Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Death Wish. None of these lines were used. Voiced lines for these can be found in the Modding Tools.


[subcon_well]Well0 = I hid some REALLY neat stuff around the bushes at the base of the old well!Well1 = Why don't you try and find it? You're not chicken, are you? - Your Friend, the SnatcherGrave0 = Here lies a proud brother.Grave1 = Here lies a wise brother.Grave2 = Here lies a selfish brother.Grave3 = My brothers...Truly we were all fools...[waitlong] but I was the selfish fool.Grave4 = I couldn't control the power of the mask, and now you're both dead...[waitlong] forgive me...Grave5 = If anyone finds this tomb...[waitlong] please...[waitlong] don't use the power of this mask. Let us rest so that no more harm may befall this world.

An unused and now-removed localization file. It appears that, at one point, Hat Kid would've obtained the Dweller's Mask in the Subcon Well. This lines up more with the Alpha builds and Beta builds, where the mask was not crafted from Yarn but instead found as its own item. In those builds, Hat Kid found the Dweller Mask in Queen Vanessa's Attic.


[Common]TellFriends = Tell your friends![Village.WaterFlaskShop]Intro0 = Excellent timing, Torrin! I just finished slapping together that free water bottle you wanted for your dog and-Intro1 = OH! A Tourist! Uh, did I say free? Ha ha, no! That's an old Sunburnt word meaning... uh... not free... Yeah.Intro2 = But for you, little lady, I would be happy to sell you this authentic, premium quality, handmade water bottle for the low, low price of 20 Orbs.Intro2b = But for you, little child, I would be happy to sell you this authentic, premium quality, handmade water bottle for the low, low price of 20 Orbs.Intro3 = You won't find a water bottle for this price in any of our other premium resorts! Buy now!Revisit0 = Changed your mind, eh? Couldn't find a water bottle anywhere else, huh? Just enjoy my charming company, right?Revisit1 = So what do you say?Purchase_Decline0 = Well, I hope you change your mind soon! Tell your friends!Purchase_Accepted0 = Excellent choice, young tourist! I hope it serves you well amongst our beautiful sand dunes! Be sure to refill your bottle at any of our conveniently located water sources.Purchase_Accepted1 = And as us Sunburnt say: Tell your friends!NoSell0 = Look, kiddo, I know my water bottles are a work of fine art, but art takes time! Plus, you don't want to be rude and deny someone else the privilege of buying their own, right? You're not a bad person, right?[Village.ImportantNPCs]quickintro0 = Typical tourist. Just running out into the desert like you own the place. quickintro1 = Nothing against you personally, but all of our other guests just wander into the desert and we never see them, or their money, ever again.quickintro2 = Because of them we had to set up this red ring around the resort so that you tourists know where danger starts.quickintro3 = You'll need a [hint]water bottle[/hint] to even stand a chance past the ring. I think Sweltzo in town might have one of his free ones left.quickintro4 = See ya later, and as the old Sunburnt saying goes: Tell your friends!quickintro_re0 = Hey, tiny tourist! You got yourself a [hint]water bottle[/hint] yet? It may be the smartest decision you ever make out here in the desert.binocular0 = Oh wow! Beautiful! Amazing! This sure is a beautiful vacation get-away I would tell my friends about!binocular1 = Oh! I didn't see you there. I was just admiring the view of our beautiful desert and our other fantastic resort destinations.binocular2 = How about you give it a look? If you see a resort that you like, we can [hint]turn on their beacon to help you navigate[/hint] your way over there.binocular3 = Have fun and tell your friends!binocular_re0 = Have you given our [hint]beacon navigation system[/hint] a try yet? It's really quite helpful! It works at any of our conveniently located [hint]binocular stations[/hint]![Village.RegularNPCs]vacation_destination = Can you believe that this bustling vacation destination used to be just a chain of poor desert villages?! Yep, totally not that anymore!visit_resorts = If you think this resort is nice you should see the other ones! They are just as amazing! Just remember to [hint]pack some water[/hint]!tourism = We learned some time ago that tourism is a good way to bring in some cash flow. So far it's been slow but business is looking up!skeptism0 = Don't tell anyone, but I think this huge push to improve tourism is stupid. It's not working! You're the first tourist we've seen in ages, and we've already sunk what little money we had into all of this!skeptism1 = I don't see it ending anytime soon, though, so... tell your friends... please!water0 = Our water has been voted "the least dirty water in the desert"! What an honor!water1 = Be sure to [hint]fill up your water bottle[/hint] for a refreshing pick-me-up out there in the sands!beacon0 = Whenever I'm out for a stroll among the sand dunes, I can always count on those handy red beacons to keep me going in the right direction.beacon1 = Be sure to give it a try next time you come across one of our convenient [hint]binocular stations[/hint].livehere0 = The glamor! The tranquility! The sun! I wish I could just live here!livehere1 = Well, I DO live here, but I bet you're wishing the same thing!waterbottles0 = Sweltzo's [hint]water bottles[/hint] are genuinely handcrafted using age-old Sunburnt techniques.waterbottles1 = That doesn't mean they're any good. It just means they're made the same way they were made before modern tools were invented.deadtourists0 = We've lost a lot of innocent tourists over the years... they wandered into the desert and were never seen again...deadtourists1 = If only they had water... they might have made it...deadtourists2 = Anyway, tell your friends!safetyring = The resort's patented [hint]Red Safety Ring[/hint] technology makes sure that our distinguished guests know where safe resort property ends and the harsh wilderness of the desert wastes begin!dressed0 = Hmm. You're not quite dressed for this kind of heat. Why don't you take a tip out of the Sunburnt guide to fashion and get yourself a nice hood?dressed1 = Oh, you prefer the hat, huh? That's fine, I guess. I don't judge.cheapploy = Welcome to our 5-star vacation destination! It's totally not a cheap ploy to bring in tourists and get money out of them! No ma'am!notamused0 = Huh? What? Oh yeah. Enjoy the facilities, and blah blah blah...notamused1 = No one ever believes that corny sales pitch anyway, so I doubt some little kid has enough money to make any difference.notamused2 = Tell your friends... for all I care.binoculars_sand0 = Wow! With those binoculars you can see A LOT of sand!binoculars_sand1 = Look at all that sand! That is a whole bunch of sand! More sand than you could ever want!binoculars_sand_re0 = I still can't get over all this sand!binoculars_sand_re1 = And with those handy binoculars I can almost count the grains! HOW FUN!tan0 = Being up here is the best way to get a tan.tan1 = What? My hood? What are you talking about? This is how Sunburnt tan. What other way is there?tan_re0 = Tanning fully clothed is the only way to tan! Try it sometime!nostock0 = Hello, eager buyer! Looking to spend some of that precious cash today?nostock1 = Unfortunately, I have no stock because I... uh... sold out. Yeah. Totally not because I couldn't afford anything to fill my shelves with.nostock_re0 = I am still just as sold out of everything as the last time you asked, but thanks for checking up.powerfulitem0 = Hello, valued customer! Would you like an incredibly powerful item to aid you in your trials ahead?powerfulitem1 = Well, too bad! I don't have any stock! Isn't that a bummer? HA HA!powerfulitem_re0 = Would you like a crazy powerful item to... aid your... ah, forget it! The joke isn't as funny the second time. I still got nothing in stock, kiddo.rentcounter0 = Oh, me? I don't have a shop. I've never had one. I just rent this counter to look cool.rentcounter1 = Is it working?rentcounter_re0 = Do I look cool yet? I spent all my money on this empty shop and no one has even shot me a thumbs up yet.fountain0 = You see this fountain? Yeah. We got water here. Pretty great right?fountain1 = But that's just the kind of place we run here. Only the best for guests like you! Be sure to fill up your water bottle before running out into the desert!fountain_re0 = The water's not even poisonous! Aren't we just the most hospitable resort you've ever been to?waterdrink0 = Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!waterdrink1 = Well, actually, it's kind of the opposite of that. Water is almost nowhere, but all of it is drinkable! I was just trying to sound all smart-like.waterdrink2 = Fill up your bottle whenever you want! AND IT'S FREE! WOW!waterdrink_re0 = You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!waterdrink_re1 = Well, actually, I doubt a horse would turn down a drink out here... I also have never actually seen a horse... I'm not good at metaphors...[Events]thief0 = Ouch! Thief!thief1 = Hey![br]That's my money!thief2 = Ow![br]Come back here!

A whole BOATLOAD of text from a now-removed localization file. It was present in the intiial release, was removed soon after in the November 19 2017 update for the game, then accidentally added back in again when DLC 1 released, and was finally removed again sometime afterward, although a couple other languages in the game still have the file present, still in English. All of this text was made for Sand 'n Sails, to be used by the inhabitants of the desert, the Sunburnt. Looking at the text provides insight on how various mechanics unique to the level would've worked. Each '5-star desert resort' would have a giant red location beam that could be toggled on and off by scanning it with telescopes that would be found at the villages. But by far the most prominent mechanic for Sand 'n Sails was the water flask system, where Hat Kid would have to keep her water supply, stored in water flasks, above empty, or she'd start dying of thirst out in the sands. Hat Kid still has a socket on her model to attach the water flask model to, as well as unused animations for wiping sweat on her face, refilling water, drinking water, and driving the Sandmobile, which was the primary method of travel in Sand 'n Sails. As for the Sunburnt themselves, their characters were repurposed for Alpine Skyline, now being referred to as 'Nomads' or 'Travellers', even though unused redesigned versions of the Sunburnt more in line with Alpine Skyline's aesthetics can be found in the Modding Tools. The redesign for the smaller Sunburnt was even used in one of the storybooks for one of the community Purple Rifts found in Death Wish!


SleepWakeUp = Wake Up

The only unused text in the file, and it's still in the current final game. This is a very old leftover, orginating from the Alpha builds. This was used in the original opening sequence for the game, where you had to manually wake Hat Kid up instead of her being jolted awake from her loud intercom in her spaceship.


[Decorations]DecorationPerfect = Combining the [decorations] made a [dreamworld] appear in [name][chaptername][/name]! Check the chapter's telescope to see where it's hiding!

An unused, removed section of the file, talking about assembling relics to create Purple Rifts. There's no real reason for this to have gone unused, as it appears all the information it gives is accurate to the final game.


intro3 = You should definitely be quiet while they're recording!

An unused line for the receptionist at Deadbird Studio, humerously yelling at you to do what he is clearly not. The line is voiced, and is unused in the final game's files.. The receptionist never speaks this in-game because the node for it in his conversation tree has been disconnected.

[finale]entrance0 = I wonder if this new world has bird insurance?

A now-removed line intended for him waiting in line at the finale. This line is voiced too, and can be found in the Modding Tools.


vacuumside = Try jumping into the side!

A bit of unused text found in the "buttonhelp" section of the file, and was added in the September 29 2018 update to the game, most likely by mistake. The text appears to be a hint for the Nyakuza Metro moving vacuums on walls, which coincides with the level having already started development before DLC 1 released or was even announced. This unused hint text remained in the game up until Nyakuza Metro released. There are no hints for the vacuums in the current final game.


[internal]smash0 = [scream]AGH![/scream] This timepiece is all busted! smash1 = Maybe you could stick it all back together if you find the [hint]missing pieces[/hint].smash2 = You have a gut feeling there's one in each room.smash3 = They seem to be panicking about not knowing where to sweep for glass.smash4 = They seem to have calmed down now you picked up that shard!speaker0 = All passengers, please check in at the lobby desk! checkin0 = You're all checked in!checkin1 = Now to track down that timepiece...

A completely unused localization file, still present in the current final game. The text itself is an earlier version of the text used just after starting the Time Piece Shard mission in Act 1 of The Arctic Cruise, part of the captain's announcement just after the player boards the ship, and the text that appears once the player checks in at the lobby.

Creator DLC

Vanessa's Curse


[ActInfoBoxDetails]V1 = Snatcher's got a plan!V2 = Escape Vanessa and her deadly curse!V3 = Bring some friends!Prologue1 = Snatcher invited me! Prologue2 = Wonder what he's up to?Prologue3 = Let's go see him!

It appears to be some text that would seem to be intended to appear on some kind of menu. In the final version of the Creator's DLC menu, this kind of information does not appear, thus rendering it all unused.


SnatcherAppear1 = Hey it seems you're having a hard time kiddo! I'll see what I can do for you.

An unused Snatcher line for when he would spin the roulette event wheel. Used in unused Conversation Data found in the Modding Tools, but isn't used in the map itself. This is the only known fully unique line that was actually added to the localization post-launch that isn't used and doesn't have any known voice acting.


Tutorial16 = OH god alright well! you touched it,[wait] ermm...Tutorial17 = Oh I can hear her coming,[wait] that's for you to deal with now![wait][wave] bye bye![/wave]

Text for an unused alterante scene in the mode's tutorial where you could, at one point, apparently touch the cursed doll on your own instead of Snatcher teleporting you onto it. In the final version, Snatcher's lines that lead up to the teleport onto the doll don't allow you to move, and even if you could move, touching the cursed doll on your own does nothing. The second line is a copy of a line used in the used dialogue for this part of the tutorial, but has different grammar formatting and the 'B' in the first 'bye' isn't capitalized. The first line actually has unused voice acting in-game.

A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Text (2024)
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